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Anyone heard from FemmeFatale?

Hi Ladies,

 I haven't posted on this board since I had Gabriel earlier this year.

I was on the High-Risk board with FemmeFatel when she was pg with the twins, and now we are on the 9-12 month board.

Anyways, I don't bump regularly and I went on this morning to check out the board (9-12) and saw a post that Femme is in the hospital due to her pre-e again.

Does anyone on this board know how she is doing? 


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Re: Anyone heard from FemmeFatale?

  • Nat was hospitalized a few days ago with pre-term labor.  She has severe pre-e and they have started her on steriods for the baby's lungs.  She's not even 27 wks yet, and the baby is measuring really small...only 1lb 2oz.  She's keeping her chin up and telling the baby it's NOT allowed out yet.  Nat's a strong women and has a strong will.....hopefully that baby is listening to Mama!

    Nat will be in the hospital on strict bedrest...I know she's lonely and hoping to get on TB soon!  I'll try and update on this board as well from now on.

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