Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss


its been a helluva day. definitely didnt make it to work. no cramps whatsoever overnight and mild ones around 10am...starting about 11am you would think that i was giving birth. i think i passed the main part, because i kinda had to push a few things out...and i feel like a new woman now...i can sit up and walk a little...yaaaay.
how the fvck does someone go through natural childbirth?? i think ive gotten over my wanting of a water birth...give me DRUGS!!! lol ;)

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Re: whew...TMI!!!

  • That's how I felt too.  I felt like I was pushing a lot of it out.  Serously, I needed drugs to handle the pain of my miscarriage, I don't know how a person can push a whole baby out of them with no drugs....gotta be like superwoman or something.  I hope the bleeding is over for you soon.
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  • I absolutely agree! I am sorry you are going through this, but glad it is nearing the end for you.  The ER doctor when I went in called it 'labor like' - cramping coming in severe contraction like waves, all sorts of bodily functions at the same time (tmi, sorry), and the actually passing of the tissue. seriously I went from screaming and crying in pain to sitting up feeling almost normal 5 minutes later.
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