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period after d&c? tmi

how long should it take after a d&c to start your period? my d&c was a week ago today and i just started bleeding. is this from the d&c or is it some weird period cycle thing? anyone else have this? i don't want to call my dr because the nurse always calls back in the middle of class but should i be concerned?

Re: period after d&c? tmi

  • The same thing happened to me when I had my first d&c. I had minimal bleeding with my d&c and about a week later I started bleeding again. I called my OB and the nurse told me that it could be AF or it couldn't.  They really wern't much help! I counted it as AF.
  • My period came 37 days after my d&e. For 2-3 weeks after the d&e I would stop bleeding for a few days then start again. Then I stopped bleeding for over 2 weeks then my period started. It is very common for bleeding to start and stop.
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  • I worked out for the first time about 10 days post D&C and that made me start bleeding for another 4-5 days.  I don't think I'd count it as AF, but our bodies are so messed up by all this, so who knows!
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