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Did anyone have virtually no pain/bleeding post D&C?

My D&C was almost 24 hours ago. Since then I have had no cramps, and no bleeding (light pinkish red spotting when wiping - but that's it).  Is this normal? Will I bleed later?  I kind of hope it means the doctor did a really good job.  I was lucky and the "famous" doctor in the group practice I see happened to be on call yesterday.   Hoping he really was as good as everyone claimed...

I am taking Methergen (sp?) every 4 hours which is supposed to contract my uterus back to normal size.  I've taken 2 of the pills so far (and I got a shot of it before I left the hosp.) and that isn't causing cramps either.  weird!!!
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Re: Did anyone have virtually no pain/bleeding post D&C?

  • I don't think that is that unusual. I don't remember bleeding bad or cramping bad after D and C. Maybe your just lucky. Good Luck.
  • I only had cramps I would consider painful right after I took the Methergen.  I had 2 shots of it before leaving the hospital as well as 4 bags of pitocin so by the time I got home it didn't take much top make me cramp until everything had worked its way out of my system. I didn't bleed for 2 days then the bleeding started but it wasn't very heavy. I bled a bit for 2-3 days then stopped for a few days then started again for 2-3 weeks. After I stopped the meds. I would get mild cramps a few hours before I started bleeding again.
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  • i didn't bleed or cramp but now a week later i've started having some bleeding
  • I had heavy bleeding and really bad cramps about 3 days after d&c. It was very light the first couple of days. As the saying goes, the calm before the storm.
  • I really didn't bleed much for the first couple of days, had some cramping and the heaviest blood about 48 hrs after the procedure, but even that was a normal period day. Overall I bled for about 11 days. I hope you are completely done soon. You've already had some cramping and bleeding with the meds, right?
  • I also just realized I am taking bleeding suppressants (Methergen) but it's only for 2 days.  So I am a little scared to see what will happen after tomorrow when the pills are done!

    I had a lot of bleeding before the procedure but the ultrasound showed thick lining and the sac was still there.
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  • I didn't have much if any pain and was really only spotting.  I started cramping about a week later when my bidy was trying to get rid of everything that was left.  It was kind of uncomfortable, but I didn't have to take pain meds or anything.
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