Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

What is going on? 12+ weeks since this all started.

I had an early miscarriage with 5 weeks of bleeding.  Just before my doctor was going to do a d&c, the bleeding stopped and my hcg levels went back to normal.  My doctor told me to expect my period in 4-6 weeks. 

Around 5 weeks after the bleeding had stopped I started to spot.  It was extremely light and lasted for about a week and a half.  It was so light and inconsistant that i didn't really think much of it.  I kept thinking my period was on its way, but it never showed. 

It has been a few weeks since the spotting and I still haven't had a period.  I've been having slight uterine twinges.  I hesitate to call my doctor because I don't want to go through more tests, especially since I know that a m/c can mess things up for a while. 

Has anyone experienced anything similar to this?  My midwife told us that there was no medical reason to wait to try again, so we haven't been preventing, but haven't been agressively trying. 

TIA for anything you can share. 

Re: What is going on? 12+ weeks since this all started.

  • from what i remember reading, sometimes with a light AF it means that no ovulation actually occurred, therefore there isnt alot in there that needs to come out...it could have been since it was the cycle after, your body wasnt 100% ready to O again? are you charting? to me, it just sounds like your body is still getting back to normal :)

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  • No, I am not charting.  It was too emotional for me to chart right after the m/c.  I was going to start it up again when i got my first period post m/c.  I'm still waiting. 

    It's just so frustrating.  I somehow thought that it would be 2-3 months and i'd be pregnant again.  Now I'm feeling hopeless. 

    It didn't help that an ex-friend of mine, contacted me to gloat about her pregnancy.  I never talk to her, and out of the blue she calls to ask about my m/c and then tells me she's pregnant.  I got all worried and asked her if she was having bleeding or anything.  She no and that she was "just curious".  What a B*tch!

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  • I'm just a week past my D&C, so I don't have any advice for your situation...sorry. 

    Regarding the phone call you got...reason #28 I love caller ID!  Some people just suck!

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  • I had a really light week of bleeding that I guess was my period hafter my first m/c.  I mean light...really light.  Just a little more than spotting.  And you are right, your body is pretty messed up after everything and it takes a while to get back to normal.  I would go pee on a stick if I were you.  Since you aren't preventing and you are having those twinges, could be your body getting back to normal or a little one burrowing in.  GL
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  • POAS this morning and it was negative.  :-(  I figure I'll do it again in a week or so if nothing changes.  Thank goodness for Dollar Tree tests!  
  • I had a couple of weeks of some red bleeding and then mostly brown bleeding and spotting.  I was just thankful to get off pads.  And I am still waiting for my AF--but since my temps are going up and down, I have a feeling I am not ovulating yet and my body is still trying to get back to normal. 

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  • With my 1st m/c, I bled pretty heavily..and my 1st AF came 28 days later but it was VERY light. Then my cycles were a mess! Some were 40 days, then 60 and then I got PG again.....and I think when I got the BFP it was like day 70! After my 2nd m/c(blighted ovum) I just basically passed the sac and then bled lightly for a few days. I got my 1st AF 40 days later...and it was regular....and ever since then, I got regular AF's 28-30 days until I got pg this time.....now I am going through m/c #3...who knows what fun is in store.....GL
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  • Rose, I am so sorry for your losses.  You're in my thoughts. 

    Thank you to everyone who has shared their story.  I wish this was easier on all of us. 

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