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I really want this over with

I talked to my m/w last night and we decided to set up a d & c for next Friday and hope that a natural miscarriage starts before then.  I just want this to be over!  I keep looking to see if I am bleeding and no sign.  Anyone who waited to have a natural miscarriage, how did you feel before you started? 

Re: I really want this over with

  • It was a Friday and I scheduled my D & E for a Monday.  I felt great and never even thought I was having a miscarriage.  Low and behold, that Friday night I started to spot and spotted until my D & E.  I would have never even known I was having a MC but I had an US that showed a BO.  Hang in there!
  • Hey you I'm sorry for your losses. I am waiting for a natural miscarriage to start also. This is my second loss this year. I know how you are feeling. I hope we get closure soon. I'm curious as to when bleeding will start to. Are you spotting at all?
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  • I didn't wait for it, it just happened, but I started off with light spotting for a few days, very mild cramping off and on as well. The evening before until I passed, I had much stronger cramps, requiring me to lay down most of the day and heavier bleeding.  When I got up to take tylenol and water, I felt it pass (it didn't feel like blood, it was very obvious it was something thicker) The sac was purple, pink with some veins (sorry if TMI)  My bleeding was heaviest immediately after, Cramps pretty much stopped. I was back to spotting  the next day and continued on until today. (M/c was Sat)

    I hope this helps some, I'll be thinking of you. I had some wine aftewards, didn't enjoy it, but it helped numb me some.


  • Did your Dr. say they would run any tests on you or dh next time around to see if anything is going on? We have decided to wait to try again untill we get some answers.
  • i am so sorry for your loss. finding out you're having a m/c is awful enough -- and then you have to play the seemingly neverending waiting game.

    i couldn't wait anymore for a natural m/c so i started taken misoprostal (or however you spell it) this morning at 6am, which has instigated insane cramping and some bleeding/clots but i know/think the worst is yet to come. sigh. hang in there.
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  • I am in the process of it right now. It is like my first m/c..it started off brown and stringy(sorry, gross) and now it is bright red with little clots and cramping. It just keeps getting heavier and heavier and then I passed huge clots for about 3-4 days...then it was over...GL

  • if my m/c hadn't started before i knew something was wrong, i dont think i could have waited at all! mine started on Saturday and we went to the er to discover that we had a BO. been bleeding ever since, with the passing of the sac creating the most bleeding that day. i am slowly feeling better, but am noticing more clots now and im really sore inside. i hope it goes quick for you. :(

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  • My first was completely out of nowhere.  I started cramping & bleeding suddenly around 5:00 on a Saturday.  It got worse as time went on, until I was having full on contractions a few minutes apart.....this was Monday AM.....yes it lasted that long.  I got into the dr. at 10 on Monday morning and that was when I passed most everything.  It was horrific.  The second m/c was induced with cytotec and I started cramping and bleeding a few hours after I took it.  Lasted only a few hours.  The third was a D&C and was by far the "easiest"  I hope everything works out for you.
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  • I'm so sorry that you are going through this. 

    My natural m/c was pretty much out of nowhere too.  We'd been running errands all day & I had some dark red spotting.  We knew from the ER the night before that the baby had stopped developing & the heartbeat stopped.  About 5 pm on Tues I started feeling some cramps & started with some heavier bleeding.  We still had some things to do as I didn't even have any pads at home - luckily the hospital had given me about 5-6 of them the night before.  So while my husband went to get his car registered, I went to Walmart.  I was there about 30 min.  Thank goodness I left when I did because 15 min later as soon as I got home, I was having contractions about 2 minutes apart.  They quickly progressed to 30 sec apart.  The active contractions lasted at least 2 hours with intense pain, LOTS of blood,  & of course the occassional extremely large clumps - as long as my hand. (TMI & gross I know but I wish that I'd known to expect this before).  I passed pretty much everything within those 2 hours. 

    So I guess it varies - some people have some more warning & everything spread out over a few days & then there's those like me that felt fine most of the day but then when it kicked in - have everything at once.  I'm just so glad that I made it home in time.  That would have been awful at Walmart!

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