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shocked at D&C follow-up appt.

I just had my 10 day follow-up appointment for my D&C.  The nurse took my blood pressure and asked me if I had any questions and if I wanted to talk to the doctor.  I was caught off guard-  I said "well, I guess...".  If I would not have said yes, I would have never seen or talked to the doctor at this appointment.  She came in ask me what my questions were and that was it.  She said wait two cycles and start trying again.  

Is this standard?  I have read that most doctors don't do any kind of exam, but did anyone not even have their doctor come in to talk to them???  I just felt blown off....  like I haven't been through enough already... 
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Re: shocked at D&C follow-up appt.

  • I saw my Dr. but it was for about a minute. I know it sucks but I don't think it is their job to be compassionate. They should be but their not. I got of the phone with my Dr. this afternoon he said I would probably bleed it out this weekend then he said have a nice weekend. What? how could he say that? They just don't get it.
  • That sucks.  I have learned that most OBs are there for the women who have healthy pregnancies and don't really show much compassion towards us.  I was told I would have an exam at my f/u to confirm that the cervix was closed.  I have it next week, so who knows.
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  • My doctor told me, before the D&C on Weds, that "I had been to the office enough recently and can have my follow-up appointment on the phone." I think she was trying to make me feel better but I kind of just felt blown off..
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  • I think that I am in the minority here.  I just had my follow up appt today.  My doctor didn't do any type of exam, but he did spend 45 minutes with me, talking about how I was handling the grief and what my outlook for future pregnancies was.  And he gave me a hug, which made me cry.  I don't think that this is typical, and I appreciated it so much that I am going to send a card to him and his office staff.
  • I'm sorry--I'd feel a little blown off too! After my first m/c, my doctor didn't talk to me or see me. I never went back after being a patient for 5 years. I don't think there is set protocol, but if you aren't happy, ask around to see if people are happy with their providers. It is easy to say just switch docs, but really hard to know how a new one will respond, ya know?
  • Thanks for all the responses... this was a new doctor for me, I have had all my yearlys with an Internist.  Not a good experience with my first OBGYN to say the least.... there have been other things that I have not liked either but I kept making excuses.  DH didn't like her from our first appointment together.  At least I have a little time to look for a new one while we have to wait to try agian.

    Thanks agian.  :)



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  • I too think I am a minority here.  My OB will console me and stay about 45 minutes or longer if I have questions.  He is soo great he gave my husband his cell phone #, home telephone # and pager # after my surgery in case I had any questions at all and any time.  I am taking him a Mrs Prindables Apple and sentimental card because he even did my surgery on his lunch because he knew I couldn't wait and wanted it done.  He came into the recovery room to talk to me and even called me after my surgery to see how I was doing and 2 days later.  I can't say enough about him and he said that I will have an internal next week when I go for my 3-4 week post surgery appt. 
  • I would look for another OB... that isn't normal.  My OB spent alot of time with me answering questions and was very sensitive about my loss.

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  • That's just not right and you don't have to stand for that.  I could have been treated any better.  My doc called the day after the D & C.  I had my follow up on Thursday (three weeks to the day of my D & C) and both the nurse and the doctor (separately) spent about 30 minutes with me.  Both talked a lot about the emotional end but did of course question if I had any physical symptoms left.  They did do an internal exam to check that I wasn't infected and that my cervix was closed (all was fine).  She gave me a hug and said to call if I just wanted to talk or if something else came up.  She talked me through the D & C (because it rattled me a lot) and she was so positive about seeing me again soon - pregnant and/or helping us with the transition to fertility treatments if we go that route (I was just starting meds when I got pregnant).  So - maybe we're in the minority but I don't think ANYONE should stand for poor medical care (I know so many do but I think it is the worst on top of what people already deal with).  Change doctors....

  • I had a 6 week follow-up appt after my D&C and she did an internal exam and answered some of my questions.  I felt kind of blown off when she answerred my questions and that with several other issues decided to switch doctors.  My Dr said to wait one cycle than we could start trying again, but my first cycle wound up being 7.5 weeks.
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  • Thanks agian for the rest of the responses...  I just knew this doctor was not for me when she was surprised when I started to cry during the ultrasound when we discovered the empty sac.  (the week before we saw a heartbeat)  I'm not expecting a doctor to be my best friend, but a little compassion would go a long way.  thanks girls!
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  • You should not feel that you are being blown off when you have a f/u appt.  If you don't think you are getting the care you need, seek another OB.  My female OB has been incredibly sensitive and spent the time to discuss everytyhing, physically and emotionally to help me move forward and you deserve the same!! Best of luck
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