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its been a month...

Since i m/c and I am still so bitter, angry, hurt and sad. Also to top it all off i just found out my sister is pregnant..it is like it is never gonna get better. Also, Still no AF. I hope i get my regular cycles back soon. I am starting to worry it wont come.

Re: its been a month...

  • it's been 5 weeks for me today--and i just got AF, finally.  i know how you feel about it not getting better . . . the bitterness is the worst.  everyone was talking about babies and birthing at work today and i wanted to strangle them!
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  • (((Hugs))).  It still seems to me that everywhere I turn there's either a new pregnant woman, or a new baby.  It gets better I think in time, just not sure how much time.  I'm on my first cycle post m/c and it took well over 2 months.  I've never been so happy to have cramps.  I hope you have some fun this weekend.
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  • I'm just over 2 months out.  It does get better, but it never goes away...don't expect it to.  I saw a baby at dinner last night and almost lost it.  Some days will continue to be better than others, but just know it does get easier.  My turning point was when AF did show.  I finally felt like I had a plan and that I was going forward.  Being in limbo sucks.  I'm sorry...I hope it gets easier! 
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  • I think it gets better over time.  Your period will come.  It's a hard waiting process but you must remain positive.  Good luck.  I'll do the AF dance for ya!
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