Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss


Are you okay? I saw your post on TTCAL, how did that go? What a way to start your weekend.
We're thinking of you.

Re: +++kaustin+++

  • Hi Wowway.   It was really uncomfortable, I think they were basically prying and wanted to see if they should set up some sort of short term disability package for me so that I would get maternity pay?  It is a really small company and I don't think that they are covered under FMLA.  It was terrible though, a horrible way to start the weekend.  Thanks for thinking of me.
  • Man! You really didn't need that on top of what already is going on.

    I don't know what is worse, waiting for the m/c to happen or the m/c happening unexpectedly (like mine), either way it sucks and it hurts.  Let us know if you need anything!


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