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misoprostol f/u and thank you

thank you everyone for your support during this time -- i took the miso friday and yesterday and endured crazy amounts of pain but i got through it. based on people's descriptions i didn't think i actually passed the sac so i called my dr. yesterday and she said it was so small i might not have noticed amid all the clots. i'll go get my betas tested tomorrow and then an u/s in a week or so to make sure everything has passed. thank you for sharing your stories with me -- it's just so amazing to be able to talk to women who know exactly what you're going through. it's so interesting during this time who i feel i can talk to and who i can't. one of my very good friends is 7 months pregnant and she actually has been the best one to lean on. my thoughts and prayers are with everyone.
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Re: misoprostol f/u and thank you

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