Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

so sad :(

I should be 9 weeks pg today.  Does anyone else still keep track of how far along they would be?
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Re: so sad :(

  • I'm so sorry for your loss.. I stopped keeping track at the point I should have hit 2nd tri.. it was driving me crazy :(

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  • I actually think about it every Monday, since the beginning of each week was usually the marking of a new week. I would be just going into the second tri this week. I try my best to only allow a second to think about it since the reminder comes at some inconvenient time like while I'm at work. I'm sure I'll think about it on the EDD as well...
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  • not intentionally.  I keep thinking of how I would be almost to my 12 week tell the world and start showing mark.  I wish I could stop myself from thinking this way. 
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  • Yup, sometimes.  I think I'd be just over 18 weeks.  It sucks!
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  • I keep tracking it in terms of events -- for instance, my best friend's engagement party was last night and we were going to tell our close friends that we were pregnant. It would have been a little early (I would be 10 weeks today) but it would have been after the first u/s. Hopefully, when we can start TTC I'll be more focused on that, then what would have been.
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  • Today would be 8 weeks for me.
  • I keep thinking about the fact that I will not be pregant on Thanksgiving, or Christmas. And that I will have to go through those holidays hoping for another one instead of being elated that I have one on the way.
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  • Yes, unfortunately.  I would have been 14 weeks today.  As hard as I try not to, I still seem to keep track.
  • I do, since stupid pampers insists on sending me weekly emails.  I can't get it to stop.  I would be 18w today.  :(

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  • can't help but count the weeks.  I'd be 16w3d today.
  • every Friday is another week for me...my 1st appt would have been this thursday at 8w6d..to see the hb...im trying not to dwell since its all over and done with now, but i remember that on Halloween i would have been 13 weeks and around Christmas would have been the big u/s...i will remember things like that, but i will try to forget the rest.. :(

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  • I still get weekly update emails from 3 different places.  I haven't decided how I'm going to deal with these yet. 

    I know that Thanksgiving will be difficult as we planned to tell everyone then what the sex was & it's also going to be the last time that I see my dad before he's deployed to Afghanistan for almost a year.  I was looking forward to him seeing me as I would have been showing by then.  I was also hoping this baby (his 1st grandchild) would be just 1 more incentive for him to try to make it back home to us... Okay now I'm about ready to cry again - so much sadness going on in my family all at once.
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