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Terrified that the m/c is incomplete....

I was spotting brown from Tuesday-Saturday. This Saturday, I had A LOT of bleeding/cramping. Yesterday, I had more bleeding and I think I passed some fetal material, but today I am just bleeding lightly. I highly doubt it all passed and now I am so afraid I am STILL going to have to have the D&C...WTF? With my 1st m/c,  I bled with large clots for 5 days...My 2nd m/c was a bo and it passed within a day. I am so upset.

m/c #1 6/05
m/c#2 9/06
m/c #3 9/08

Re: Terrified that the m/c is incomplete....

  • This happened to me. I found out two weeks after the m/c that it wasn't complete and that I needed a D&C. That was so hard, because emotionally I was trying to move on and then, wham, I was back at square one.

    Request an appt with your doc for a u/s asap so you can have the D&C asap, if necessary. I'm sorry you are going through this.

    I hated that with a natural m/c, there is no way to know if it was complete unless you have a u/s. At least with a D&C you know.
  • I am so sorry. You might not have to have the D&C, it depends on how long you want it to drag on. I know that HisKathy and someone else went through bleeding for weeks, I think HisKathy had a month or more of it. If you don't want the surgery, you can opt for the natural route but it might take a long time. She is on both this board and TTCAL, you could page her and ask questions. I hope things get a little easier soon for you.
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  • Yes, Irishmama is right. You can wait. It will happen naturally at some point. Didn't mean to make it seem like a D&C is inevitable.
  • I've been worried about the same thing. 

    I thought that I passed most of it all in one night - last Tuesday but my bleeding is irregular.  Friday was the most that I had other than Wednesday.  Then Saturday was none at all so I thought it was over.  But then yesterday it started again.  Not a lot but still I know that's the sign that everything isn't complete.  I haven't really had any cramping since Tuesday so I have no idea what's going on.  I can't use my COBRA insurance here to see a doctor - can only go to the ER.  So I'm stuck until Nov when our new insurance starts. 

    Hopefully this will be over for both of us soon & our bodies will just take care of it. 
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