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Got My Medical Records- Not At All What I Expected!

On Christmas Eve I got my copy of my medical records from my c/s and it was not at all what I expected. Here is what I found out:

The highlights are as follows:

  • I was admitted at 40 and 6/7 weeks pregnant.
  • I was 3 cm dilated and 80% effaced at a -2 station
  • The contractions when I was admitted were considered inadequate
  • I was considered to be in latent labor-They admitted me due to the pain I was having when using the bathroom.

My operative report gave me the following information:

  •  The primary reason for my c/s is listed as arrest of descent at 0 to +1 station after pushing for one hour at complete. 
  • While it is listed that I was also rushed away for nonreassuring fetal heart rate the primary reason is arrest of descent (Another way of saying Failure to Progress?)
  • DD's heart rate was in the 120's the entire time while in the OR.
  • My epidural- was inadequate for surgery.
  • DD was in the ROA position during delivery- not an OP position as I had originally thought.
  • It also states that she had a large head- I don't know what is considered large but her head measured 38 cm at 15 days- but this translates to CPD- small pelvis
  • When DD was delivered her head "way deep in pelvis" but the doctor was able to get her hand around her head and dislodge her head. It didn't sound like they had any trouble getting her out as my doctor had told me.

 My c-section incision:

  • I have a primary low uterine transverse incision
  • From what I understand from the reading of the report I also have a double layer closure.

My gut is telling me that this was really another unnecesarean and that if I was given more time to allow my DD to move down prior to pushing that this might have not happend. I am wondering what you all think of this. Does a VBAC seem possiable for a future delivery?

I am switching providers and will most likely be going to the doctor that delivered me 28 years ago for my next pregnancy, until he is no longer practicing (he is 63 years old) and then will ask him for his recomendation as to who to go to. I know they say to wait between 18-24 months between deliveries so we are hoping to try again around DD 1st birthday in August. I would love to hear any advise you all have for me.

Re: Got My Medical Records- Not At All What I Expected!

  • My non-medical opinion is that I don't see a reason why you COULDN'T try for a VBAC.  During my successful VBAC, I labored down for quite a bit and let the contractions work DD down farther.  I only pushed for 30 minutes or so to get her out.  I swear doctors make you start pushing before you really should be.  My midwife was super laid back about it and I think it was much better pushing for a shorter amount of time when she was down farther.

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  • I don't see any reason you couldn't try for a VBAC.  As long as you have a truly supportive provider, you should be able to go for it.
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  • I agree with the others, it really seems like they just didn't give you the time you needed to labor before making their decisions. You didn't mention how long you labored before you were "complete", did your water break early into the labor? Did you have the epi early into labor?

    They may have felt more compelled to hurry if you had been laboring a long time with ruptured membranes.  I would go for the VBAC, the reasons you listed are all things that could have been due to other issues like fetal position, length of labor and also not being descended enough to start pushing like PP said.  There is no rule that says those things will happen the next time around.  I know my VBAC labor was night and day to my first. Skipping the pain meds also made a huge difference in how much control I felt with everything, especially pushing.



  • Thank you Ladies! I am def. going to go for the VBAC. I have a list of friendly providers that I am going to look at and interview before I choose one.

    I was GBS +. But my water was broke at 9am ish by the on call doctor. Being an uninformed first time mom I didnt think twice about letting it happen. When I got my epi I was somewhere around 4-5 cm. From the time that my water was broke until the time that I was taken for the c-section was 9 hours. I was on pitocin for the majorty of the day as well.

    The more and more I think about this I think it was more that really I wasnt in active labor I should have gone home but they decided that since I was "over due" at 41 weeks they would go about it as if I was and induce me. Had someone said "you really arnt in active labor yet. And assured me that the pain I was having while using the bathroom wasnt a UTI (the reason I went in) and that my baby wasnt in danger I would have gone home and slept it off in my own bed." There is so many I wish I would have's, If only I could have's that my now more informed self knows about. I know for sure that if I am lucky enough to get the go ahead with a VBAC that I will not be going in right away.

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