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Medication as opposed to a d and c?

I just talked to the doctor that the midwife referred me to and she said that she was going to put me on some medication that would start a miscarriage instead of doing a d and c.  I have a blighted ovum, has anyone had any experience with this?  What were your thoughts or experiences?

Re: Medication as opposed to a d and c?

  • I just took it this weekend (also had blighted ovum). I took it Friday morning at 6:30 (inserted 4 pills) and then waited. I had dull cramping for most of the day, but at select times the pain would be pretty intense. I passed a lot of clots and blood but my biggest problem was that I had no idea if I passed the sac. So....I refilled the prescription and did it again on Saturday. Same story, but not as much blood or clots. I called my dr. on saturday because I was an emotional wreck about whether or not I passed the sac and she said I probably did. I think that is the hardest part -- not knowing if it's complete.

    so...long story almost over, i was fine for most of the day on sunday and then woke up at 2am last night with intense cramps and bleeding, which have continued throughout the day. I'm bleeding much more than I did on Friday and Saturday.

    bottom line: i think it's nice to be home and able to deal with it and not have to go to the hospital BUT at least with a D&C you know that it's over. I might still have to get a D&C anyway if it's not complete. Also, after reading people's stories about the drug (misoprostol) you don't know when it's going to hit you. I am surprised that today is worse than yesterday. good luck with it!
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  • my first m/c was a blighted ovum.  This wasn't given as an option.  It was given this past week as I lost the baby at 10 weeks.  My doctor didn't recommend it and since I knew what to expect with a D&C, I chose that route. 

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  • I tried it 3 times (with lots and lots of cramping and some bleeding) and did NOT pass the sac, so I had a D&C anyway.  I would choose a D&C ten times over the Cytotec (Misoprostal) any day.  You get a guarantee that it's over, it's painless with virtually no bleeding/cramping and you're up and about in less than 24 hours.  Everyone told me that a D&C is the easiest part but my stubborn self had to go the medication route first... I could have saved myself about 2 weeks.  Oh well. I lived and learned.
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  • So sorry for your loss.

    I would do the medication. my first was natural and with my second I had a d&c. the pills were not working. you can read in my bio what happened if you want.

    I think the d&c screwed my body  up a little. this is my forth af and its just getting back to normal.
    I dont know I guess its your choice. The pros of a d&c is its done and over with.
    good luck to you.


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  • I've done both and would highly recommend a d&c over misoprostal.  My experience with misoprostal was very difficult - including 9 weeks of on and off heavy bleeding, an infection with high fever, and constant visual reminders of what was happening.  The d&c was quick and easy, and even though it was a horrible experience, it made it so much easier to not have to deal with the physical aspect myself. 
    That being said, the risk of infection is very small, and many people on these boards have had positive experiences with misprostal.  I know that with my first m/c I was very adament that I did not want surgery, so I can respect other peoples wishes. 
    For what it's worth ... I switched drs in between my m/c and when I explained my experience with my new dr, he told me that they don't use misoprostal in this office because of the risk of everything not coming out and causing an infection in the uterus (what happened to me)and it is not fda approved.  Also, he told me that the risk of scarring for a d&c is about equal to the risk of infection with a natural m/c (both very small) so neither way is any worse or better, it is just a personal choice.
  • I took cytotec for my second m/c.  Inserted the pills, and within a few hours I was cramping and bleeding and it only took about 7 hours of hard cramping/bleeding.  Then just spotting for a long time.  I had a D&C for my third and am still spotting today.  It is up to you, but in my experience the D&C was less painful.
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  • Hi Kaustin -- I have posted a medical article (provided to me by my OB friend) that explains in detail the differences between all three options (natural, medically induced, and D&C).  Please email me at mrs.jeffrae at gmail dot com and I will send it asap. 

    I choose the medically induced (brand name is cytopic (??) and non-brand name is misoprostol).  It is an ulcer medication that you can take orally or internally.  Internally has a higher rate of working statistically speaking.  I took it internally and had success with it.  It is nice because you don't have to go back into the doctor's office, do it at home, and not have an invasive surgery.  What is not nice is that you have lots and lots of blood, it is very painful (Get Prescription Painkillers), and the bleeding can last a while afterwards.  I was measuring just over 6 weeks.  The actually miscarriage happened 8 hours after I took the medication (10:30 am) and I had heavy bleeding/cramping until 11:30 pm, and then the cramping went down enough that I was able to go to bed at 3:30 am.  Had I been a few weeks further along (like 10) I think I would opt for the D&C.

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  • I begged my dr for the cytocec(sp?) but she refused to give it to me. I am bleeding, but I don't know if the m/c is complete.
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