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sore boobs going away!

I'm completely freaking out. I'm six weeks and I had sore boobs all last week and woke up today to my boobs being hardly sore at all. I'm ready to cry fearing a m/c is in my near future again. Is this normal?? (with my first pregnancy, my boobs were not sore at all so this is a different situation) TIA-

Re: sore boobs going away!

  • symptoms during pg go on and off, absolutely normal. try not to worry, but consult your doctor if you need more information.
    m/c#1 07/16/08 (11 weeks), m/c#2 10/10/08 (8 weeks). and then nothing since except every test possible (no answers). IUI#1 and #2: BFNs Super lucky to be buddies with Peetie. Our out of nowhere, surprise DD born 5/29/2011
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