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Survived first day back at work after losing my son

Yes, I survived my first day back after 6 weeks off...I work in HR with all young women who ALL have children, so it was really, really hard. I spent the first 20 minutes in the parking lot crying, but finally managed to get in the door. One day down.....
When is this going to get better?

Re: Survived first day back at work after losing my son

  • Yay, one milestone down. I wish I had the answer but I know that taking one day, one hour at a time really seems to help. Pat yourself on the back, you got through it. =-)
  • Oh, I am having the hardest time working, good for you for making it back.  (((hugs)))  I wish I could tell you when it gets better, I guess one day at a time, like you said. 
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  • I can't tell you when, but it does get easier.  I went back to work after 2 weeks and it probably took me 6 - 8 weeks before I could really concentrate.  I still have moments, but all in all the days seem to go uneventful and more like normal.  I did ask an engineer that we work with that experienced a loss with his first son several years ago how long it to him and he said 6 to 8 months.  That made me feel reassured that it really just takes time.
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