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Britax B stroller ?

Does anyone have this and would you recommend it for a double stroller ?

Re: Britax B stroller ?

  • I looked at a similar stroller when we were looking at doubles (the Britax B wasn't out then)  The only problem I had was that whoever was in the bottom seat couldn't see anything, so they didn't want to stay there (this was just from a test drive in the store) we ended up with the Baby Jogger City Select (awesome as a single, even better as a double) and it has a lot of different seat configurations. GL!
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  • We have it and love it! We actually had DS in the bassinet while at my sister's house for Xmas. DH is tall (6'2") and does kick the seat if it's reclined, but not if it's upright. But he says it's no big deal...if it's reclined, he'll just walk more to the side of it. Whenever we go out, I always wind up pushing the stroller anyway. I originally bought the city select and hated it...I actually exchanged it for the b-ready. It was too long / big and awkward to push.
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