Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss


So....I had my D&C last week for my 2nd m/c. It took us 1.5 years to get PG with DS and we had to use IUI with injects to have him. This last PG we conceived miraculously on our own and we were ecstatic.....only have to this miracle taken away at 10.5 weeks.

I really was doing much better.....AND...then TWO PG announcements came :( One from a friend who got PG on the FIRST try both times. She sent a picture out of her DS with a "big brother" shirt on it....the exact same thing I was going to do (I had even already bought the shirt....). She is due a week after I was supposed to be due....

Then, a friend who struggled to conceive her son also just miraculously got PG on their own. I am VERY happy for her and her DH that it happened on their own.....she is due a week before I was supposed to be due. I'm just SO sad now.....why did they both have to tell me at this time??? It sucks......why couldn't my "miracle" BFP just have stuck? Now instead we are on our way back to the RE into the complex world of treatments :(
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