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Re: Horoscope for today

  • heres mine..no new purse for me today...

    Impulsive spending is not a smart idea now because it could upset the delicate balance between your income and your living expenses. You are normally quite careful about what you purchase, but could quickly mislead yourself today. Avoid getting yourself into trouble by paying attention to your pocketbook before it's empty.

    Jacob Alexander 7/23/09
    Allergic to Dairy, Eggs and Peanuts Lilypie Fourth Birthday tickers
    Jameson Adam 6/1/11
    Allergic to Peas...so far Lilypie Second Birthday tickers
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  • This is fun...here is mine:

    The hard work and detail-oriented planning you have done lately is really starting to pay off. The key is to maintain your sensitivity and look to where you can be of service to others. The nurturing side of you is feeling the need to express itself in a helpful manner. Follow your heart today, and be respectful of your emotions. The thing you need to be most conscious of is not overextending yourself.

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