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I made it through today :)

I went back to work today after a m/c over the weekend. The ONE goal I had was not to cry in front of my students. And even though I got misty eyed a few times, I made it!!

I count this as a success, even though I'm crying now as I type.

Big hugs to all of you ladies who are going back to work this week.

Re: I made it through today :)

  • im going back tomorrow after a ten day "vacay"...i dont want to ...wahhh...

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  • Qweny, I know how hard it was for you.  With time it will get easier.  I took many bathroom breaks, and still do.  But I'm not a teacher.  Good luck.  I hope you have more ok days than bad ones soon. Take care.

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  • I am going back on Thursday. I don't want to cry either.
  • Congrats -- that is a huge accomplishment (just going back to work).  I took many quick 5 minute walks my first two weeks back to work.  You are very strong!!
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  • Going back to work is so tough. It is just exhausting to be "on" and pretend like everything is ok. Glad you made it through ok--it does get easier.
  • My first day was yesterday and I did survive. I was exhausted when I got home and crashed hard.

    Today was easier, although no one knew why I was out last week. I had mcdonald's for a late lunch and someone made the comment about eating for 2. I had to break the news and surprisingly was okay.

    My mom and dad had me over for dinner since DH was working late. I made it through without crying, but I know they cooked all this food for 3 in their way to comfort me without getting upset too. We didn't really talk, just hung out. But, I did get misty eyed on my drive home b/c I know they are sad as well.

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