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Silent Seizures

Does anyone else's LO have silent seizures or do you know a little one with silent seizures? This is what we suspect is happening with our 13 month old son. We are taking him into the doctor today for this. I am so scared for him. I don't want this to effect him with learning or anything else in life. :(

Re: Silent Seizures

  • Do you mean absence seizures?  DS's were grand mal, but he made no sounds during them.

    You are doing the right thing getting him to a neurologist, who will probably do an eeg test to check your little guy's brain activity. Many of us have LOs with epilepsy. Hang in there and let us know how it goes! :) 

  • how did things go at the dr?  I responded to your post on the 12-24 board.
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  • The pediatrician said she doesn't think they are abscent seizures as she was able to make him do them.  She thinks its a learned trait/twitch he does when asked a question or has nothing to do but we have an EEG scheduled for the end of January just to be sure.  She couldn't be 100% and we would rather be overly cautious.  She told us that a lot of children have seizures at this age because of developing brains and firing/misfiring neurons.  Time will tell I guess.  The end of January seems so far away!

    Thanks for all your support and prayers.  I will keep you in mine as well.

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