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The "what did you get for Xmas" post...

So spill it!  What did you get for Christmas whether you bought it for yourself or a friend or family got you it!  It's your chance to be a huge AW!
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Re: The "what did you get for Xmas" post...

  • Some of the highlights...

    A couple of Wii games - DJ Hero 2 and Just Dance 2

    Coach perfume

    Babycakes cupcake maker

    Some Rachel Ray bakeware

     And a booty call in a pear tree?

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  • 50mm f/1.8 lens for my DSLR

    Photoshop Elements

    A nice check from my grandparents

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  • The boyfriend got me a Spa Set and a handmade candle. I won't get anything else from anyone else :(
    Ridley Run 3.1 - 4/9/11 - 34:24 - 1st race evah!
    Kelly Monaghan's 5K - 5/15/11 - 3rd Place in AG
    Walk the Talk 5K - 5/18/11 - 31:12 PR
    Ridley Run 3.1 - 4/14/12 - 1st race of the year, 32:45
  • My mom spoiled me rotten this year.

    I got:
     blue BVLGARI glasses
    mani/pedi gift certificate
    A lockable make-up case (when you have a 3 and 4 year old, locking up your make-up is a must)
    A jewelry armoire (SP?)
    George Foreman grill

    My girls got me another one of my pigs.  I collect the piggy banks that target sells.  I have 7 Halloween themed ones, 10 Christmas ones and I started my valentine collection with the "kissed" piggy.  I also have a college piggy and a shoe fund piggy:)  I have collected different types of pigs for almost 15 years now. 


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  • Money from my parents & grandparents

    The remaining balance of my attorney paid off

    A hunky date on Christmas who gave me a bottle of perfume I love :) 




  • A new comforter and sheets

    2 amazingly soft pillows



    2 new shirts

    A much needed tool set


    And X came over Christmas Eve and we opened DS's presents together. He also brought me a 3 drawer chest for my bedroom "from DS".

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  • Well, I had bought myself that pair of boots that I posted which I lurve.  I wore them Christmas Eve and then I couldn't help myself Christmas Day, I wore them again, with jeggings and a long boyfriend cardigan.


    -Lots of clothes and funky jewelry from my parents

    -TWO spa gift certificates, one from my little bro, and one from my BFF (well, she said that P bought it for me).  It was so cute she had bought a card to mommy from P.  Inside it said "I thought you could use some pampering mom, since I'm a busy little guy.  And Auntie M (my BFF) will watch me while you go get your spa treatment".  It was the nicest gift ever!

    -oh, and a date with a cute cowboy Friday morning Wink

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  • Some clothes, some cash, and some chocolate... perfect!
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  • A Kindle, with the Amazon leather case.

    And 4 lift tickets, with free babysitting so I can get a few snowboarding trips in this season!

    I feel incredibly spoiled.

  • $500 in gift certificates (Amazon, American Eagle, five local shops, one pizza parlor, and Victorias Secret).

    Lots and lots of chocolate, including a raspberry ball, sea salt caramels from Fran's Chocolates! Yum!

    A quilt my step-mom made.

    One of those ear covering headbands and a pair of otter skin gloves.


    And an Ergo! I'm so excited to use it! :D

    I also bought myself a brand new phone, I can't wait to get it. :)

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  • I'm buying myself Slumdog Millionaire because I love that movie. It's A's Christmas present to me :)
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  • My parents made sure that I had gifts to open with dd. I got a bunch of stuff but my favorites are a mommy snow globe that my mom had engraved with a msg from dd, a pandora necklace with a mom charm and my mom gave me a charm for my bracelet that stands for innerstrenght.
    Kirsten DD 4-7-06
  • My dad and stepmom got my sister and I our own laptops. I also got some Uggs, PINK perfume, 2 pairs of earrings, another perfume/lotion set, scarf/glove set, and candy.

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  • My parents still buy stuff for me:

    a Keurig coffee maker & a box of coffee for it - YAY!!!!!!!  no more cleaning the dang pot and now I can have a mug in the middle of the day if I want without more cleaning!  :)

    Old Navy gift certificate

    Starbucks gift certificate


  • Dvd player, clothes, $200 cash, $50 in gift certificates, picture frames, and some other odd and ends.
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