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~*~*~ PCOS Check-In ~*~*~

This is a list of women who are dealing with PCOS. Anyone can join in, so let me know if you want to be on this list! We can keep track of everyone?s cycle, offer advice, and support for each other. We check in every Tuesday and Thursday, and the check-ins can always be found in the PCOSbio.

Good luck and lots of sticky baby dust to everyone!

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Welcome to our Group
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Let us know how you are doing. If you have any questions for the group to answer, feel free to ask.

As you can see I have cleaned up the list with only the ladies who have checked in within the last three months. I am going to do a quarterly clean sweep, so if you want to rejoin, just let me know.

QOTD: How long have you known you have PCOS? How long have you been trying to get pregnant?

Re: ~*~*~ PCOS Check-In ~*~*~

  • I always "just knew" I had PCOS when a friend of mine got the Dx when she was TTC - even before I was married... about 6 years ago.  All of her symptoms were the same as mine.

    I got the official Dx in 2005 when I started TTC.  I got pg with DS on my first cycle of clomid/IUI/met/trigger.  We have been TTC #2 since June.

    update: i'm on CD11 and waiting for a positive OPK.
  • QOTD:  I've known that I have PCOS since June '08.  I suspected for a few months before that, but didn't know until then. 

    I've been TTC since Dec. '07.

    I have my second RE appt on Monday!
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  • I finally gave up on working with my OB/GYN and called up an RE. My appt is 10/20, so I'm just kind of biding my time until then.

    QOTD: How long have you known you have PCOS? How long have you been trying to get pregnant?
    I kind of guessed I had PCOS after reading about it I think on BOTB and then doing some googling. It was confirmed in June. We've been trying since Feb '08.

  • I was diagnosed back in high school when I would go months without AF.  I was put on BCP's and didn't really think another thing of it until I got married in 2006.  The first year we were "trying but not trying" and have been TTC officially since 6/07.
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  • Update: Nothing much new.  Waiting for my RE appt. :)

    QOTD: I've always known something was "wrong" with me, but didn't know what until Jan. '07.  We started not trying to not get pg just before we got married, so julyish of '06, but we started actually trying in Jan. '07 after my dx.  So almost 2 years officially now...

    TTTC with PCOS & MTHFR since '06 : Me - 30  DH - 31

    Metformin 1500mg, 600mg CoQ10, 1 PNV, 2000iu Vit D, 81mg Aspirin, 2 Folic Acid per day

    2008 - 3 Failed Clomid/IUI Cycles (50, 100, 150mg)<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

    Injectable IUI w/ Gonal F = BFN

    Break to pursue Holistic treatment

    3/2013 - Injectable IUI with Gonal F, Ganirelex, Endometrin, HCG Trigger = BFN

    5/2013 - IVF #1 = Gonal F, Ganirelex, Menopur, HCG Trigger = BFN

    27R, 24M/F, 20 on D3, 14 on D4, 0 on D5

    Developed OHSS, RX Cabergolene, No Transfer

    7/2013 - IVF #2 = Gonal F, Lupron, Menopur, Endometrin, HCG Trigger = BFN

    15R, 5 Unreachable, 13M/F, 11 on D2, 11 on D3

    3DT, 3Emb: 2 6 Cell grade 1, 1 6 Cell grade 2 - Remaining left to develop

    D6, none left to freeze, all arrested.

    SCSA Test Results Normal

    2nd Opinion Consultation on 8-29 - Switching RE's

    11/2013 - IVF #3 = Saizen Protocol, Gonal F, Menopur, Ganirelex, Progesterone in Oil

    15R, 10M/F, 6 on D1, 2 Blasts made it to D5 Freeze.

    1/2014 -  FET = Intralipid Infusion, Progesterone in Oil = BFN

    Both Embryos survived thaw and both transfered

    2/2014 - Consultation - Final Diagnosis is Poor Egg Quality - Recommended to move to Donor Egg




    "Nothing good comes easily, sometimes you gotta fight..." - Amber, by 311

  • Good morning ladies!

    Not much new here -- had what I think is my first ever +OPK last Sunday. I am hoping I o'ed and waiting to see AF on its own or a BFP! I haven't been feeling too well the last couple of days. I'm not sure if it is the met, stress or something else. RE wants me to stay on the met alone until mid to late October.

    I had no idea I had PCOS until going off BCP in 8/07. Prior to BCP I had normal cycles and was very regular. Since coming off my cycles have been all over the place. My OB/GYN suspected it in 5/08 but i didn't get dx until 9/08.

  • Hi. I would be okay except for this month long AF.

    QOTD: I think the doctors suspected it with me at 14 but only confirmed around 16 but didn't make a big deal of it at all. I didn't know the effect it would have on my fertility.

  • so that makes it around 10 or so years I've known.
  • Hi, I'm Lisa and I would love to join you! I am 36 and we have been TTC since January 08. I am starting my second round of Clomid soon (starting Provera [sp?] today)--the first round, at 50mg, didn't work. I ovulate on my own, my cycles are just 50 or more days long, so we have fewer chances per year and I guess after that long of a cycle, egg quality is not at its best. QOTD: I had no idea up until a month ago! I had crazy irregular periods in my teens, then have been on BCP since, like, 19, so I've never really "seen" a real cycle, if that makes sense. But when we went for our first RE appt and she did an u/s, it was confirmed. We've been trying since Jan 08. Here's a question for everyone: How do you really treat PCOS? I've read a bunch about it but am still confused. All my bloodwork--glucose, androgens, whatever else they test for--came back within normal ranges, so it's like my two symptoms are irregular periods and polycystic ovaries. Is there anything I can/should do, or is it more of a just deal with it type of syndrome?
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  • I found out about my PCOS about four years ago, but then it was a battle of "yes, you do," "no, you don't" until recently.  Now, the doctors are firmly in the "yes, you do" camp all together.  I suppose I should be thankful?  :)

    Update:  Still waiting on AF for CD3 bloodwork.  This is the end of week 1, and it should've been here by now.  5 more weeks until the doctors want to hear from me about my MIA period.


    image     image

    Me (34): MTHFR, PCOS, Endo, left salpingectomy due to hydrosalpinx, 
    hypothyroidism, low AMH (0.26)/normal FSH/average AFC of 12

    Him (33): No known issues

    November 2013-March 2014: Natural cycles
    April 2014: Clomid 100mg and Ovidrel trigger -- BFN
    May 2014: Clomid 100mg and Ovidrel trigger -- BFN
    July 2014:  IVF class -- Check!
    Holy crap.  Unmedicated BFP 7.22.14.  EDD 4.01.15.
    Best April Fool's Day ever!
    Now on Lovenox, prenatals, Vitamin D,
    Folic Acid, and Synthroid.
    Please be our take home baby.

  • Well, I started spotting today which is good and bad in that I will actually have a 27 day cycle with ovulation occurring (don't know when though), but that also means I am not pregnant.

    qotd: I was asked if I knew what it was back in 2001 by a NP, but since I wasn't sexually active, she didn't worry about it and by the time I was married, I had moved, so by the time I was diagnosed it was May 2005. I started clomid in May 2007. Kinda weird since I had all these weird symptoms but no idea that they were all tied together.
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    *PCOS bio* *Cold Hands, Warm Heart*
  • I saw the second RE today. DH liked him a lot better - he thought the office was more professional and businesslike. The RE was personable enough - but also very cut and dry - he outlined a plan for us going forward. I mentioned my thin lining issue on clomid - he basically said that if I went to him it would be at most one more try with clomid (since I had such a nice follie response) but with estrace. If that didn't work, and my lining was still thin then no more clomid and onto femara - I think we will use him for now since it is so much closer (I liked the other RE too but her location makes it difficult for us to commit to all the monitoring esp if we have to bring in the big guns)....

    Still in the 2ww post-clomid and hoping that I might have a chance - this particular RE also didn't take much stock in the lining measurement since he didn't know how the reading was done (and it was by a fellow) - he drew progesterone and I get the results tomorrow - I just hope I'm pg so I don't have to do this anymore :(

    I never had any mentrual issues until I turned 27 - around that time  I was stressed, put on some weight (and kept gaining weight). My amenorrhea has come and gone in the last 2 years too - sometimes I cycled regularly for months - other times I went 2-3 months before a bleed.....we've been really trying since last March/April (so about 6-7 months) - most of that time I had no cycles and was anovulatory so I didn't even have a shot....
  • QOTD: How long have you known you have PCOS? How long have you been trying to get pregnant?

    I went down to an unhealthy weight around age 20 due to stress.  My periods stopped and my ob/gyn put me on bcp.  Around that time is when I also started to notice a little bit of facial hair.  So, looking back on it now, I could have actually been suffering from PCOS back then, not just the low weight. 

    I went off BCP in Sept. 07.  No periods and more hair, everywhere.  I read something about PCOS and thought it could be what I had.  My ob/gyn ran blood tests on me in March 08, but didn't check testosterone.  More tests in July and an ultrasound, which confirmed PCOS.
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  • QOTD:  I was diagnosed 10 months ago.  I should have know years ago.  I had irregular periods and rather than look into it further my dr. just put me on the pill. 
  • I have always known something was wrong since I was a teenager with irregular periods. They just put me on the pill untill I wanted children.  I went off a few times during my 20's and never would get a period.  So, I knew I'd have trouble TTC.  My OBGYN suspected it and my RE confirmed it just this year.  It's frustrating but in a way I finally feel better having a name to all these symptoms (irregular, acne, oily skin, etc) and confirming something is wrong with me.
  • Well we had our consult and bearing our second opinion looks like we are going to be cycling for IVF in November.

    QOTD: I didn't know I had PCOS or even what it was until I was diagnosed with it about three years ago. We have been trying for almost 5 years now

  • I'm taking a break for a month or so to focus on me...lose weight and take a break from the emotional roller coaster of TTC.

    QOTD: I was officially diagnosed in 2006 but I've had symptoms since high school. TTC since August 2006.

    Adopting after multiple rounds of fertility meds and 3 failed IUI's
  • I'd like to rejoin please!
    My real name is Rita and we've been ttc since April 07.

    QOTD: I've known for 16 years now and we've been ttcing for 18 months.
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  • Its 8dpiui today, just waiting til beta.

    QOTD:  I have know of the PCOS for a year and have been TTC for a little over a year.

    Dx: PCOS/Amenorrhea/Anovulatory/lining problems. Clomid = BFN's. Lots of cancelled cycles due to thin lining or cysts. IUI#1= Follistim, estrace and endometrin = BFN IUI#2= Repronex, follistim, viagra suppositories and endometrin= BFN. IUI#3= Repronex, follistim, viagra suppositories, femtrace and endometrin= BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Isabella born in June via C-section!!!!! She is so incredible! Went back to RE to TTC#2 and got a WONDERFUL surprise!! Baby #2 on their way!! My Beautiful son Liam born Feb, 2011!! Lilypie image Lilypie First Birthday tickers
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