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AW: Giggles LIP

Reese laughed hysterically for the 1st time on Nov 3.  Ever since then, we have been trying to get it on video with no success.  Today, while I was changing her diaper, DH walked in, & she started cracking up.  My sister heard it in the next room & sneaked in with her iphone.  The video is upside down, & I edited it to reverse it, but I can't get it to upload, so please forgive the awkward angle. :)  I know that every baby giggles, & it's probably no big deal to other mamas, but this just melts my heart. So, for those of you who want to check it out, enjoy!


Re: AW: Giggles LIP

  • Oh my gosh, that is hysterical!
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  • So cute! Baby giggles are totally contagious.
  • So cute! I just giggled with her. Baby giggles are totally contagious.
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