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Merry Christmas-It might snow in Louisiana!

DD and I went to X-MIL's house last night and DB actually showed up! More shocking than that, he bought DD some presents!! This is the first time since she was born the he actually gave her any kind of present! DD had a great time hanging out with him.

As for me, he was mostly civil. Drinking steadily all night. By the time we left his eyes were half open and he told me I was a "mean vindictive b**ch." At that point I had to cut the party short and go home. 

Turned out to be a great night for DD and that is what really counts!

Hope everyone has a great christmas!! 

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Re: Merry Christmas-It might snow in Louisiana!

  • I'd be happy to send you all of Ohio's snow. I'm sick of it already.

    Glad your DD had a good time. You're right that it's what matters the most.

  • We are supposed to get a blizzard up in PA, I can send you some more. That is great that Your DD had a nice Christmas. I think I would like to smack your ex for you.
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