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Update to UTI

After 32oz of 100% natural cranberry juice, about 10 glasses of water and a good night's sleep UTI seems to be gone. I'm still drinking the juice just in case, but I'm glad the pain is gone.
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Re: Update to UTI

  • wow - that's a lot of juice! Glad to hear you are feeling better.
  • Definitely keep drinking that cranberry juice.  It doesn't hurt to have a 6 ounce or so glass of it a day for prevention (just in case you haven't heard that before).  Hope your UTI is gone for good!
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  • I just read your first post.  The problem with drinking cranberry juice before going to the doctor is that it will cause you to have a negative urinalysis when they test for a bladder infection.  So if you go now you won't have a positive test even if you have the bacterial infection.  Hopefully you don't and just needed more liquid in your system.  But definitely keep an eye on it.  Next time if you think you have one, ask the doctors office if you can just come in for a urinalysis to see if you have it since you've had them before.  I know that worked with me with my old primary care doc so I figured it was worth mentioning.  Worst case scenario you're charged for a urinalysis you didn't need.  Best case scenario they have the test results and can call you in an antibiotic if they can't fit you in.


  • So glad you are feeling better!  Hope it is gone for good.
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  • Glad to hear your feeling better!! I agree keep drinking the juice!!
  • glad you're feeling better!
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