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Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Is anyone else a total sucker for the show? I'm such a weenie I cry at the commercials, but I absolutely love watching it. I'm glad it's just me, the baby and the cats in the house so there's no one to tease me for going into the "ugly cry"!

Re: Extreme Makeover Home Edition

  • All of my cries are the ugly cry LOL I sometimes tear up at that show too. we're watching wonder pets right now. once DD goes to bed I'm watching true blood :)
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  • I hate the concept of this show.

    Giving someone a windfall isn't going to help them.

    I know at least one of these new homeowners refinanced to pull 1/2 a million dollars out and then had the house foreclosed on.

    And another bought a brand new SUV with the money from the fund the show set up for home maintenance, but didn't pay their utility bills.

    I find that disgusting. Most people work damn hard for everything they have, pay bills on time, and only get/do what they want after all of the obligations are met.

     (That said, yes the show makes me cry and I am sure there are some people that are actually deserving and take the wonderful gift they have been given and use the financial relief to better their lives. I'm a tad cynical.) 

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  • I do cry   But I also have heard the same stories that Punky Monkey is referring to, and it makes me cynical as well.

    But I cry at everything!

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