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M/S, UTI and a ?

And so it begins. I've had some dry heaves here and there, but I get those often so I didn't think it was m/s. This morning it was really bad though, but I wasn't really feeling nauseous, but as soon as I got out of the house and I smelled the neighbor's breakfast I lost it and puked right there, next to my car with a neighbor staring at me...great! Although I'm pretty happy 'cause that means baby is there and doing well and as far a m/s goes this is not too bad.

On the other hand I'm pretty sure I have a UTI, it started yesterday, but I completely forgot to tell the doctor. I called today and they didn't have space and the general doctor didn't either Sad I'm chugging 100% pure and unsweetened cranberry juice right now and hoping that helps...if it gets too bad I will have to make a trip to Urgent Care tonight.

Does anybody have any other suggestions besides natural cranberry juice for the UTI?

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Re: M/S, UTI and a ?

  • Azo standard. Not sure if you can take that while preggo but it will make you feel better.
  • I know there are OTC UTI medicines, but I have no idea if you can take them while PG. From my understanding those don't get rid of the UTI, just makes it bearable, you would still have to see a doctor after the holidays. You can also take cranberry pills. I use them as a preventative measure against UTI's. I would imagine between those & the cranberry juice you would get some relief.
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  • I have the same kind of M/S! Not nauseated, just gagging all the time lol.

    As far as the UTI...I don't know about any home regimens other than chugging Cranberry juice and water. I just had one and got over it....the doc gave me an antibiotic and it cleared right up. The only thing she told me to do was drink TONS of water...try to drink enough so that your urine is clear AT LEAST twice a day... Hopefully you can get in soon & get it cleared up!!!

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    Azo standard. Not sure if you can take that while preggo but it will make you feel better.
    This. Ask the pharmacist about being PG. Personally, I would just go ahead to Urgent Care now. If you've already had it for 5 days it could spread to your bladder/kidneys. They can't test your urine after you take the OTC. I get them a lot and no way I would have made it that long with no meds. But everyone is different. My SIL just drinks some cranberry juice and hers go away. While I have to have a specific antibiotic and no longer great relief from AZO. Must be immune to it now. Good luck with that and the M/S. Yuck but yeah for a healthy baby!
  • Lots of water, natural cranberry juice and a trip to Urgent Care sound like the best treatment.  You certainly don't want to wait and have the UTI turn into a kidney infection. 

    My doctor's list of meds for illness doesn't even include anything for OTC meds for UTIs.  I wouldn't chance it.

    I hope you feel better soon!

    Katy and Brett ~ Runaway Bay, Jamaica ~ October 4, 2008

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