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Sorry to jump on and off. I did want to ask for some advice. I'm still having issues with my milk coming in and chatting regularly with a LC. They recommended I reach out to my OB to see if the reason my milk didn't come in was because of my placenta breaking into places right after delivery causing my body to think I am still pregnant. My OB recommended a script for Reglan - - If you google it, some pretty scary things come up. Have any of you taken it? I'm really scared to take it and would rather take something more herbal. Thoughts? TIA!

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  • My milk never came in, and the dr asked me if I would want to take Reglan but I decided against it.
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  • I decided against it - at this point I will keep trying to pump and the herbal supplement I got from the LC. If all else falls, I'll be sticking to all formula come Monday. 
  • I was going to take it if needed because I've taken it before with no ill effects.  But I ended up not needing it.  Reglan has been on the market for a very long time so there should be a good amount of data available about how it passes into breastmilk if at all.  So ask your pharmacist about this issue. actually has a chat set up with pharmacists that I found really helpful when I had questions with my acid reflux medicine and breast feeding so I definitely recommend it. 

    I would say if you're going to do herbals be very very careful.  The most common one people use is fenugreek and I can't take it because I have asthma.  Apparently it can induce asthma attacks in some people and for me that's enough to not even consider it.  HTH!

  • My friend Ash took Reglan recently and it made her not be able to tell the difference between hot and cold.  She said it was the weirdest thing- she'd be freezing but sweating and then have goose bumps but feel hot.   I know she had a few uncomfortable days where she had to be under blankets even though she felt really warm but that stopped eventually.
  • My LC gave me an Rx for Reglan. I didn't take it, but would have had my supply not gone up. I would try fenugeek, mothers milk or maybe have a few beers, see if that helps. I am sorry you are having such trouble with your milk.
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