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Thankful Thursday!

What is everyone thankful for on the eve of Christmas Eve?

-I'm thankful that today is my Friday!

-I'm thankful for my unexpected bonus at work!

-I'm thankful that I will be spending the holiday with wonderful friends and fam, and am exited that P will understand Christmas a little bit more this year.

-I'm thankful that this Christmas will be drama-free (and by that I mean SD free)

-I'm thankful that SD's fam wanted to see P on Christmas (really) and I am planning to take him there for an hour and bring my BFF just so I'm not all alone

-I'm mostly thankful that everything went so well in court on Tuesday and that SD didn't show.  I'm not a typically religious person but I truly felt like someone was looking out for me and for P's best interests that day.

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Re: Thankful Thursday!

  • I'm thankful that my work gives us almost two weeks off, and I'll really be able to work on potty training.  I'm also thankful I have a work laptop so I can check in occasionally and make sure nothing's really piling up.

    I'm glad that child support garnishment will kick in soon (hopefully next month).

    I'm glad I'm getting a decent bonus, and my manager raved about me in my review. 

    I'm thankful that XH seems to be learning some important life lessons.

    I'm thankful that I've managed to stay pretty well afloat over the past year.

    I'm thankful that I've lost so much weight and look pretty damn good, especially compared to how I looked two years ago.

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  • So many things!

    Even though my father and I have no relationship right now (he could not accept that Logan is not white) ... and I thought the relationship was over. He sent a christmas card to us. With cash in it. And he seems to have acknowledged Logan and included him. Its a baby step, but a step.

    Also my boss gave us a suprise Amex gift card, 7 years I have been here and never have they done that. So between the cash from my dad and boss, I was able to finally get the stroller I have wanted.

    And DB has shown no interest in seeing Logan in months, nor at the holidays. I am enjoying what might be my only holiday not having to share Logan.


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  • It has been over a year since I met my boyfriend. :D

    Christmas will be amazing.  I know it will be.

    I can't wait to put together L's trains tonight because Santa is coming tonight.

    Can't wait to cuddle my baby tonight!  I am so lucky and thankful that L calls me his best friend, and does the adorable best friend whistle from Thomas the Train.  "Woot Woot!!"

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  • I am thankful for my mom and dad. M came to visit (he wasn't staying with me) DD and was at the apartment watching her when all of a sudden we get into a huge fight. I won't go into details but my mom came over right away and DD and I are now with her and my dad is with M. I don't know what Aria and I would do without them.

    Merry Christmas, I guess. This isn't how I wanted to remember DD's first Christmas. At all. 

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  • I'm thankful I have an amazing hairdresser and he was able to squeeze me in today so I can look great for the holidays! Smile

    I'm thankful my Divorce in Michigan book came in the mail today. Funny thing is that it's the same book I used when I took Family Law for my paralegal degree 5 years ago....

    I'm thankful for the huge grin and squeals I got when I picked up Brody from daycare today.

    I'm thankful for my family that I get to spend time with over the next few days.

    And right now, I'm thankful for Pinot Grigio (sp??)

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  • I'm thankful for my mom. She's been such an amazing person through my whole pregnancy and first few months with my LO.

     I'm thankful for the job that lets me work from home while still keeping a roof over my head.

    I'm thankful for all of my online and IRL friends, especially y'all! 

    Merry Christmas, everyone! Happy Hanukkah, even though it's past. And Happy Kwanzaa! 

  • Can I join in, even though I'm new?

    I'm thankful to have a Christmas where I don't have to schlepp my kids all over the place to see various relatives that they have never even met.

    I'm thankful to be surrounded by amazing friends and family who are helping me take baby steps every day.

    I'm thankful that I will NOT b with H at all the Christmas, and therefore, I may have the opportunity to have a happy Christmas!

  • I'm thankful that I don't have to go back to work till Jan!  I'm thankful that the biggest family party of the year, Christmas Eve AKA the Crown Royal Holiday, is finally here!  I'm thankful that one of my oldest friends who gave birth YESTERDAY to twins is doing well (and the babies are sooooo cute and small!).  I'm thankful that D is coming in town on saturday and we actually get to spend a whole week together rather than just a weekend.  I'm thankful that I get to have DS all to myself for one last christmas before Captain Incarcerated is released.
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  • I am thankful for DS's health.

    I am thankful that we get to spend this xmas with family.

    I am thankful that my divorce should be finalized in February, and that then I will finally be able to breathe.

  • I am thankful for Liam and I FINALLY starting to feel better.  I still can't believe we've been sick since the week after Thanksgiving.

    I'm thankful for my mom who got sick because she came to watch sick & feverish Liam while I went to the Immediate Care Center for myself.  My mom is amazing.

    I'm thankful for a couple of Angels on this board who surprised us with some xmas help and gifts for Liam and I.  Without you all, Liam would have only had one gift under the tree... I cannot thank you enough for your selfless generosity.  I am truly humbled.

    I am thankful I still have my job after having to miss so much work for Liam and I both being so sick.

    I'm thankful for my brother who helps fix my car when I need it.

    I'm thankful for having wonderful friends and loving family in my life.  Even when life gets hard and seems hopeless, they are all there to pick me up and brush me off.

    Sorry... I had a lot this week :)

  • I'm thankful for so much. I am off work until January, which gives dd a lot of time for fun!I'm thankful for dd, she makes the holidays so much fun, she's at a great age and so into Christmas. I'm thankful for my family, we have so many traditions that I'm sharing with dd and we have so much fun together. They also rise to the occasion when xh is not there for dd.
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