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Spectrum vs. St. Mary's

I just found out that I as 6 weeks pregnant (YAY!), and not only am I searching for an OB, I am trying to make an informed decision regarding where to deliver.  My SIL and a few friends have delivered at St. Mary's, had wonderful experiences, and I have always imagined that I would also have my baby at St. Mary's.  I like the fact that it is smaller and knowing others that have been there is comforting. After scheduling my first prenatal visit, I found out the OB does not deliver at St. Mary's but at either Metro Health or Spectrum Health. I know that I will not go to Metro Health but am considering Spectrum.

 So, to those that have had deliveries at Spectrum or knows someone that has, what are you thoughts?   Is it as personal as St. Mary's? 


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Re: Spectrum vs. St. Mary's

  • I enjoyed my experience at Spectrum. It's also a bonusknowing that if anything is wrong with baby that the childrens hospital is connected, not that St. Mary's is too far away. I'll be delivering my 2nd child in  March at Spectrum. I don't have one complaint. I actually would NEVER deliver at St. Mary's. My grandma was there for all of her cancer treatment, and I don't believe that she received the best treatment from the nursing staff, but thats just my own opinion. Good Luck and congrats on your pregnancy.

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  • Why don't you want to deliver at Metro? My friend had a wonderful experience there. I know my sister delivered at Spectrum and is considering somewhere else next time because it is just too big. I am delivering at St. Marys. Good luck! 
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  • I delivered at Spectrum and had a great experience.
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  • I love the car that I have gotten at Metro for other things. However my ob only delivers at Spectrum. I had my 2nd baby at St.Mary's and I will never ever ever ever go to that hospital again! I hated it! The only thing about Spectrum is some of the post partum rooms are tiny so make a special request for the center tower.
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  • I'm delivering at Metro as It is only 5 minutes from my house, it's a brand new facility, and a friend gave birth there last year, no troubles.  Hadn't heard anything bad... St Mary's is OLD! The maternity ward hasn't been updated since God knows when!  Still have wooden hospital beds in the maternity ward!
  • I delivered at Metro with my first when it was still in EGR. I plan to deliver there with this one as well.

    My sister and a friend delivered at St. Mary's and I couldn't stand it. Tiny and outdated. Spectrum is nice, and I like the fact that the children's hospital is attached, however it is HUGE and the rooms are tiny as well. 

    Good luck with your decision, and please don't doubt Metro. It's NOT a bad place what-so-ever. 

  • Does anyone have anything positive to say about Saint Mary's? I have to deliver there because that's the only place my insurance will go through. I've seen part of the maternity ward there, and it didn't look very outdated to me, and the rooms appeared to be as big as the one's at Spectrum. What is so bad about it?
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  • A good friend of mine just delivered at Saint's on January 7th and had a wonderful experience.  Yes, her room was small, but it was more than adequate....  it is a hospital after all, not a hotel.  The nurses there were wonderful; she was having trouble with breastfeeding (first baby) and they had a lactation consultant in her room less than an hour later.  The nurse she had during her labor and the actual delivery was outstanding (her words).

    As others have said, Spectrum is the children's hospital in the area however Saint's does have a NICU, so in the event your little one came early he/she won't necessarily have to be transferred up to Spectrum. 

    I would suggest taking a tour of the birthing center at Saint's - if you go to their website they list tour dates and how to register.  I think that would be an excellent opportunity to check things out for yourself and ask any questions.

    I hope this helps!  Good luck!

  • I delivered at Spectrum and loved it.  I felt that if anything went wrong with me or baby, we would be at the very best place in the area. This may sound weird, but they have really good food, especially breakfast.  Man, I was sad to come home! =)
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  • Now Im worried!  I was only able to get into a doctor which is associated with St. Mary's and I thought it would be great.  Now seeing the comments, I am getting worried.   I would love to hear more POSITIVE stories about St. Mary's if anyone has them!
  • I had my son at St. Mary's, and will be having DD there in a week and a half.  My OB office participates with St. Mary's, so that's why we go there.  I don't have anything bad to say.  We had a good experience.  No, there isn't going to be a flat screen TV in your room, and yes, it could be updated.  But we were happy with the care we received. 

    As an aside, St. Mary's now offers room service for meals.  You call whenever you're hungry and order from a menu.  I think it's a nice way to make the stay more comfortable (less like a hospital and more like a hotel).  Your SO/DH can also order meals that way, and I think it's like $7 per meal.

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  • I know you said you would not go to Metro Health but they are wonderful there. I had a great experience, wonderful nurses and had to stay longer because my son was in the Special Care Nursery so I roomed in. The facilities are clean and the rooms are great for you and your spouse and tons of visitors. My friends went to Spectrum and the rooms were outdated, small and didn't have very friendly staff. 

  • We really enjoyed Spectrum.  Our LOs ended up in the NICU for 10 days so it was nice to have everything in one spot, but man is it a long walk from the parking ramp!  We received great care, everyone was very helpful, and the food was definitely better than what gets made at home!
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  • Wow.... I'm so confused after reading all the posts. I was considering St. Mary because my acupuncturist will be there to induce labor if necessary and it is free. My husband works there one day a week and he seems to love it because he feel that the doctors there just gives a little more..... One of the first respond-er told me that he feels that the Dr.s there listen to them more and respect the first respond-ers more since they are first on the seen. Spectrum Dr.s tends to push them aside and take everything over without asking and getting an update on the patient. But all of my friends gave birth at Spectrum. So confused!
  • Anyone can recommend an OBGYN in the Mercy health system?

  • My aunt works at Saint Mary's and it a great hospital, they are just definitely behind Spectrum when it comes to advanced technologies and practices. I am delivering at Spectrum because that is where my Dr is at and even if I have a c section they still will encourage rooming in and have lactation experts to help with breastfeeding. You will need to do some research on the specific hospital's practices and decide what is going to be important to you for your labor and delivery.
  • I delivered my first two kids at Spectrum and was Spectrum all the way until my husband was in the ICU at St. Mary's. You just cannot beat the quality of the nursing staff at St. Mary's. They treat you like family.
  • I have delivered at both, and they were both fine... there were negatives with both, but nothing huge.  Both are great hospitals.
  • I had both of my daughters at st Mary's and the staff is very friendly i had great experiences with both of my baby's. Doctors and nurses are very nice.Therefore, I will be delivering my third baby there.
  • I haven't been to st. Mary's but I had a great experience at spectrum. Everyone was very nice. They did a great job delivering my lo. What's nice is while you're in labor there is one nurse assigned to you and you are their only patient.
  • We are planning on delivering at St. Mary's but are looking into a midwife birth at the Cedar Tree Birthing Center on Cherry Street. Can anyone speak to a fully natural delivery (no medication, minimal interventions, etc.) experience at Saint Mary's? 
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    @jkh89 ; I haven't given birth at St. Mary's yet (I am due in May), but I have heard that they are very supportive of natural birth. This post was originally started in 2010, so I really don't feel like any of those comments are relevant 6 years later. From what I've heard from doctors and in local facebook groups for natural birth St. Mary's has made a lot of changes to their maternity ward, and is the place to be for birth without interventions.  
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