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Happy appointment

I'm only 32+ weeks, but baby is head down!  I know that doesn't mean she/he'll stay, but since DS was breech at this point (even though he did turn)  I must admit, it's making me rather happy.  :)  Any positive difference between the pg (there haven't been many really positive ones) is so encouraging.  I think it helps me separate the two experiences a bit more.  Like this one won't necessarily follow the last!!
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Re: Happy appointment

  • Woohoo! :) I was giddy after every appointment where the midwife verified Bug wasn't posterior, so I definitely understand that. lol And I did end up with a very difference experience. Fingers crossed you will too! :)
  • Yay!  I am the same way, I pay attention to the ways that this pregnancy is different to remind myself that the birth will be different too :)

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  • Sounds like good news!
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  • I hear ya and I'd be happy too! 
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