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Can someone explain this to me? NBR (MIL & Dr related)

My MIL is kind of kooky, if you don't already know that.  I think she's agoraphobic.  Leaving the house seriously stresses her out, even if she's just going a few miles away to a family members' house.  She always has an excuse about why she is stressed (blames it on the weather, the family, FIL's bad eye sight, etc) but the fact is that she just has serious issues leaving the house.  For example, earlier this year she decided she needed to have her wedding band cut off.  It was too tight on her hand and she couldn't remove it.  Rather than go to the doctor to have it removed, she ordered a ring removal kit on eBay and got her husband to cut it off. 

Anyway, she called DH last night and said that she fell in the driveway on Monday and fractured her wrist.  She went to the doctor and he referred her to 2 practices, and they told her that they are not seeing new patients until after January 1... so apparently, she has to wait until after January 1 to have her fractured wrist set.

 Does that make any sense?  I get that they wouldn't be taking new patients for consults, but does it make sense that 2 practices would turn away someone with a fracture?

She said that she called the ER and they said they would only put her arm in a splint, which she has already done.  Yes, she and my FIL are apparently doctors now, and they feel confident in their ability to splint her arm on their own. *sigh*

Anyway, just wondering if it was typical for someone to be told to wait for care with an injury like a fracture.  I'm also wondering if there are any other suggestions we can make for MIL.  She posted this on Facebook "i found a "how to" on putting on a cast on line written for army medics-if i had the right materials i just might give it a shot! i could probably find the stuff on ebay and get it here before i can see a dr- only half joking"  Ay de mi.

Re: Can someone explain this to me? NBR (MIL & Dr related)

  • If someone broke (fractured) their wrist, we put a splint on in the ER. It's basically a half cast since most of the swelling happens in the first few days (if you put a cast on early and it swells, you have to cut it off). We normally send someone to an orthopedist in 3-5 days. Very strange they're not taking new patients. They'd see her faster if she's been diagnosed with a fracture (XR). I'd encourage her to go to the ER or urgent care. GL!
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