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Diaper Rash Question...

How many of you ladies change your LO's diaper in the middle of the night? We use to when she would wake up to eat at night, but once she stopped that in September I no longer change her diaper at night....She does still wake up at night but only briefly and DH thinks I should change her diaper than, where I disagree bc she easily goes back to sleep most of the time...but G is starting to develop diaper rash, and he is convinced it is bc her diaper stays wet all night....so what I have been doing is putting either A&D ointment on or Desitin on at night before bed and it seems to be helping....so I was just wondering what you ladies do, and what product do you feel works the best?

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  • I don't change her in the middle of the night (unless she poops). We put aquaphor on her before bed to act as a barrier, & we haven't had any diaper rash issues so far.
  • When Rowen was little I always liked Boudreaux's Butt Paste.  When he started talking he also said it was the only one that didn't hurt, not sure how true that is but he could freak out if I tried to use Desitin on him.  I only changed Rowen if he got up at night.  It never bothered his butt to go all night with a wet diaper but if it looked a little red before I put him down I would put some cream on it.  Does G just have really sensitive skin?  I put Cetaphil lotion on Phoebe before I put her to bed (its the ONLY thing she doesn't get a rash from) and I put it on her butt too.  I've noticed it helps her from getting a red butt after being in a diaper for a long period of time.
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  • I do change B in the night but since she is still eating at night she is peeing a lot! I like burt's bees cream.
  • Only if she wakes up to the point that I need to give her another bottle.  Changing her diaper will wake her up.
  • I did the same as you. There's no way I'm going to wake my kid up to change a pee diaper, poo is a different story. We have enough sleep issues as it is :)

    We would just put some ointment on at her last diaper change and she's good to go.

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  • A sleeps through the night most nights,so she only gets changed if she wakes up. We only use vasiline on her with Huggies.  She maybe gets a bit of diaper rash once a month for a day or two. 
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