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Not a good dr. appt today - protein in urine

At my appointment today the protein in my urine was a +3.  My blood pressure was also a lot higher than normal.. 134/72.  So...lucky me, I have to do a 24 urine collection starting tomorrow morning.  The doctor didnt think I would wind up with pre-eclampsia but more than likely would have to be monitored more closely (twice a week appointments, instead of once a week) but I'll tell ya I'm kind of worrying about it.

 I stopped at CVS on the way home to check my bp....210/164 - which led me to buy my own bp monitor.  At home it was still pretty I took a nap and drank 3 big glasses of water.  I just took it again and it was 164/96 - still pretty high.  So far I feel fine (no blurred vision, headaches) so I don't know... 

Anyone out there going through the same thing have any advice?  Ease my mind... thanks!

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Re: Not a good dr. appt today - protein in urine

  • Yes, I am. I did my urine collection Sat-Sun. I barely failed, but it was still a fail. If the baby doesn't come on her own before, I am being induced 1 week from today. I was actually about to post about it, so if you want more details I'll have a post up soon.

    I can't believe how high your BP pressure is though!!! Does your doctor know? Mine said to call if mine went higher than 140/90.

  • The doctor said that if I started to feel bad (headaches, blurred vision) to test my blood pressure and if it was high to go to the hospital.  Because I feel fine otherwise I'm telling myself the high reading is just my worry.  I'll be looking out for your post.  Thanks for replying!!

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  • If your BP is really that high, and not going down (staying above 140/90) I really think you need to call. 134/72 is a little high, but nothing that would concern your doctor...your current BP (and ESPECIALLY the 210/164, though my guess is the machine was wrong) would probably concern them.

    Anyway, my BP was a little high today too (134/82) and I had +1 protein. My OB had my blood drawn and gave me signs to look for, but didn't seem too worried about it.

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  • I also had to do the 24 hour urine collection and a blood draw for liver/kidney function.  It all came back fine, but my bp is hovering at or just below the 140/90 mark consistently.  I agree with pp about the really high readings, and I do the same as you and monitor mine at home.  I started to keep a record to bring to my appointments, and my doctor appreciates that.  I hope it gets better for you!
  • You need to call your doctor and tell her that your readings are so high.  Those are really dangerous numbers.
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  • Lurking from Feb 11 board but I've been in and out of the hospital thanks to high bp and anything 140/90 my doctor sends me to L&D.  Yesterday my BP was in the 160/120 range and he sent me straight over didn't even check the baby or anything cause he said that level was high enough to start causing seizures and strokes.  I'm now on full bedrest at home and just yesterday started to notice vision changes.  We are aiming right now for 35 weeks to deliver but I've been told I might not make it that far.  I don't have any abnormalities in my blood work and only trace amounts of protein in my urine.  So right now we are planning to meet our baby girl in about 4-5 weeks or sooner.
  • I had a very similar situation at my 33wk appt.  My urine was +1 protein and my pressure was 137/90.  I did the 24hr. urine collection and failed.  I was told they allow 300mg of protein in your urine during pregnancy and I had 366mg.  I also have some other complications- complete placenta previa, so I am now scheduled for a c-section on 1/11/11- which would put me at 37weeks 1day.  My dr. is slightly more concerned about me with the pre-eclampsia because my bp is normal most of the time I go to see her, and she hopes when I spike it doest go too high.  But the chance of her catching it being high is unlikely.  So I was pulled out of work and I'm on modified bed rest.  Just trying to enjoy each day and not worry about LO 3 week early arrival.
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