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Loss of appetite after birth??

Anyone else experiencing a drastic loss of appetite after giving birth??  I just don't feel hungry, and when I do eventually eat, I feel horrible afterward!!!  I mentioned it to babys pediatrician, because I was concerned about my diet while breast feeding, and he said he hadn't heard that before!!  Its just a huge change from being pregnant and constantly eating, to having a baby and not eating almost at all??!!

Re: Loss of appetite after birth??

  • Yep, I've been going through this since I gave birth. I'm hungry for about one meal a day, and the others I have to force myself to eat. It is a strange transition from the constant eating of my late pregnancy. Just try to keep up your calories however you can. I've been drinking an Ensure drink a day.
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  • Yes! I still don't have a big appetite even after 2 1/2 months. It is probably taking a toll on my milk supply but I just cant find the time/ appetite to eat a lot. 

    I write it off to stress. DH leaves for work at 1:30pm and gets home at 12:30am and we have no family or friends around to help out.

    I'm sorry I don't have any advice, but I do feel how you do. Maybe eat smaller meals more frequently?  

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  • Me too!  I'll nibble here and there but nothing big. I usually am hungry for one meal (usually dinner) but other than that I have to force myself to eat.  I don't feel horrible for eating - after all I need to nourish my body and my babies. If your feeling bad about eating - especially not eating much, I would go talk to a counselor or therapist. 
  • imageRoseTor:
    Me too!  I'll nibble here and there but nothing big. I usually am hungry for one meal (usually dinner) but other than that I have to force myself to eat.  I don't feel horrible for eating - after all I need to nourish my body and my babies. If your feeling bad about eating - especially not eating much, I would go talk to a counselor or therapist. 


    Sorry I mean after eating, my stomach just doesnt feel great!  Not that I personally feel bad about about eating!!!  Again I was more concerned about breast feeding, and not getting the baby what she needs, because my diet has suddenly taken a nose dive.

  • I also drink a Slim Fast. Not to lose weight but for the additional calories. I will usually drink it in the morning along with my normal breakfast. 

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  • I always feel like I overate even if it was just a small meal. Sometimes it feels like my abdomen is spasming, I know my OB said feeling your ab muscles spasm was normal after pregnancy but it seems to only happen after I eat.
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  • I completely lost all my appetite and  interest in food after birth and have friends who have experienced the same thing so I think it's pretty common.  

    I have a better appetite now though my tastes have changed.  I can't quite remember when that changed for me but I think it was around 2 months.  It's crazy, some of my favorite foods sound gross to me now and I just want simple flavors.  At least I actually want to eat now though, it has stopped being a chore.

  • i had the same thing..i mentioned it to little b's pediatrician and she said it's totally normal...you've just been through a lot and there isn't really down time because you have the baby and get right into caring for them 24-7..sometimes youre so wrapped up in caring for baby you tend to forget no ones gonna take care of you if you dont lol. i had to make an effort to remember to eat and that i was getting enough fluids.
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  • I had this for the first week-10 days. However, even after getting my appetite back, it isn't the same as before I was pregnant. I'm the kind of person who has to eat every 2-3 hours or I am totally bitchy, and since giving birth, I can easily go most of the day without eating and without noticing it!

    To add - LO is humongous and sometimes feeds every 30-60 min, and usually feeds every 1.5-2 hours.

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  • yep, i have to force myself to eat. I thought it was due to having a C section with complications. glad to hear its normal.
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  • yep. i never knew i could go so long without eating! it changed when my supply went waaay down.
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  • i couldn't eat for the first 4 days after we came home from the hospital. the thought of food made me want to throw up. my dr was more concerned with making sure i was getting enough fluids & said that my body had enough calories stored up to get me by for a few days until i felt better. once i got some help with LO & my stress level went down & sleep level went up i started feeling a lot better. i think it's mostly anxiety, stress, & sleep deprivation. take care of yourself & you should start feeling better soon.
  • Yep... I was in the same boat.

    I'm still working on eating more than one meal a day. Just seems like my whole thought process and day revolves around her, and by the time I look at the clock, it's dinner time and I haven't eaten... Geez!

    I talked to her pedi last week, because I think my milk isn't fatty enough for her to gain enough weight. She recommended that I eat/snack on things like almonds, cashews, raisins... "good" fatty or calories. And get enough fluids. So, I bought a big bag of trail mix and a bag of sunflower seed kernals and I'm working on thinking about eating more often...

    Good Luck!

  • The same thing happened to me.  I just wasn't hungry and when I actually did eat I would feel full immediately.  My son is almost 5 months now and my appetite has been back for almost 2 months.  I'm not sure if the cold weather kick started it or the fact that I had gone back to work and stopped breastfeeding. 
  • I had the same thing happen - I figured it was because I had to be on Percocets because of the c-section.  I can see how it would be sleep deprivation though.  My LO was born 11/23/2010 and my appetite is back with a vengeance, so it'll come back soon for you!
  • Yes, I had the same thing happen to me. It took me by surprise the first few days I was home. Then I started forcing myself to eat, but still didn't have much of an appetite for the first few weeks. Lost 30 pounds in the first 2 weeks I was home. But then that came to a screeching halt and I've been trying to find the motivation to work on the other 30 pounds. Just try to eat small balanced meals even if you're not hungry and make what you do eat count.
  • I feel the same way! Well, I don't feel bad after eating, I just can't eat much. I am trying to eat smaller meals more frequently though now. Until my mom showed up last week to help out for a bit, I wasn't eating a very balanced diet either. I tried, but it was hard. She helped me to eat more balanced, but we'll see how long that lasts after she leaves. DH works a pretty standard 8am -5pm job. But he has an hour drive either way, so he's gone 7am - 6pm five days a week and because I am breastfeeding as well, I am trying so hard to find the time between feedings to eat something myself and then make what I eat count toward being healthy. I drink a Special K Protein shake each day to help supplement what I may not be eating enough of. I also have a glass or two of V8 Frusion to make sure I'm getting at least one dose of fruits and veggies a day. It seems to be helping a lot. Well, I hope some of what I've done helps you too.
  • I had the same thing, but after a couple of months my appetite came back and while I was still breastfeeding our daughter, I could eat just as much as my husband (and my meals usually were about half the size of his before). Then when I got pregnant again (while still breastfeeding), I could actually eat more than my husband (he's built like a quarter-back on a football team, he's a farmer) and still not gain any weight. I gained 55 lbs during my first pregnancy (just a little over the recommended weight gain, right? lol) but I ended up losing 65 lbs within 6 months after giving birth.

    My sister also lost her appetite after giving birth but hers came back after a few months as well. I think that also has to do with some weight gain during the pregnancy - your body is storing up so you have enough to get you through for awhile after giving birth. 

  • I don't think it is necessarily sleep deprivation because I had this going on while LO was letting me sleep plenty.
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