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What the heck is wrong with me lol.....I need to lose some series weight....last I went on the scale I only had 4 pounds to go to get to my pre-pregnancy weight and now I have 11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF happened to me?!?!? I am eating as if I am still pregnant...and Lord knows I will not be able to do anything about it until after the holidays....but I am disgusted with myself...nothing fits and I gave half of my wardrobe to good will!!!!!

PS..I should mention I  noticed the weight increase after I stopped Breastfeeding.....So basically I have gained 6 pounds from November to now....whose freakin idea was it to stop BFing during the holidays.....I needed to burn those extra calories....

Vent over!! If you read this far you may enjoy a nice oreo cookie with some milk, unless I eat them all first lol!!!



  • I think we all go through times like this.  I know pre-preg, I did.  Now I just eat constantly because of BFing - I'm hungry all the time.

    Buuuut, after the new year, make it a point to scale back and I'm sure you'll be fine.  Regardless, you're gorgeous, so no worries Wink

  • I've been this way too.  Worked out fine with me bfing until I went and celebrated Christmas with my parents last week.  Gained about 5 pounds. Sad So I'm trying to scale back what I'm eating but not so much it throws a wrench in the bfing.  It also doesn't help I'm craving sweets and I've never been a big sweets person.  I could always just eat that cookie or two and be fine.  Now I want that cookie or two 3 times a day!  Grrr.....  Hopefully this will pass soon and I'll be able to get off that weight I gained plus start on the 10 pounds I want to lose.  I eat a lot this time a year normally (I think its the lack of sun & cold weather) so I just have to be careful what I eat and I'm usually ok.

    So take it easy on yourself.  You're not the only one!  We just passed the shortest day of the year so it only gets more sunlight after today.  Can't hurt.

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