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XP: Clocks for toddlers to help with sleep

Can someone recommend the clocks they use for their toddlers with the colors/numbers that indicate to them when they are able to get up? TIA

Re: XP: Clocks for toddlers to help with sleep

  • How old is your child?  I just use a regular digital alarm clock.  When he was 3, I covered up the minutes with a post-it note, and told him he couldn't get up until he was the 7.  Now that he is 4, he sees the regular time and knows how to read/say digital times, so we can tell him 7:30 or after (or whatever) and he gets it.
  • We have the Teach Me Time alarm clock by American Innovative.  It's the best $30 I've spent in a long time.  Although it's not perfect (I can go into more detail if you want), it does keep DD in bed until wake up time (6am).  There is a green light that comes on so she knows when it's ok to get out of bed.   I got mine at Barnes and Noble with a coupon.  You can also buy it from Amazon.

     I also looked at the My Tot Clock but I couldn't justify spending $50 for that one.

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  • We used this one and got good results.


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  • My cousin had MAJOR sleep issues w/ their 2.5 yr. old DD.  They invested in the My Tot Clock and swear by it.  Here's the website:

    It's a little more exensive, but for their spirited toddler it totally worked!

  • We loved the good nite lite too--worked great.  We started around age 2.
  • We use the Teach Me Time Clock (you can find it on Amazon) and love it.  It has different settings - we have it set with both the digital and analog clock face.  We set the clock to turn green when they can wake up and we have it stay green for 2 hours in case they sleep later (my little one sometimes sleeps in).  It can also have a nightlight but we don't use that.  It has a button you can push and it tells you the time and as they get older, it has some games to help them learn to tell time but we have yet to try those.  We have had them for over a year and after a few days, they worked wonders.  Both my girls do great and stay in their rooms until their clocks turn green.  hey know if they wake up early, they can read in bed quietly or play with their stuffed animals but if they need to go potty, they can call us.
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