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where does everyone live?


Re: where does everyone live?

  • from AZ but now in East Lansing, MI
  • Born and still live in Southwest Virginia

    image Started TTC 11/07 BFP 09/24/08 Miscarriage 09/30/08 First cycle of clomid August 09 Second cycle of clomid September 09 BFP 09/30/09 Miscarriage 10/10/09 Three more rounds of clomid and no success Diagnosed with Unexplained Infertility Abnormal Bleeding for 3 months resulted in D&C but results were normal November 2010 100mg clomid but didn't respond December 2010 forced break for a cyst February 2011 150mg clomid but still no response March 2011 250mg clomid and responded! Ovidrel trigger shot and IUI on March 31 Beta #1 11dpo: 27 Beta #2 15dpo: 85 Beta #3 18dpo 276 Lilypie First Birthday tickers
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  • I grew up in Northern Utah, but had to get out of the bubble.  Now live in beautiful Huntington Beach, CA.
  • Tuscaloosa, Alabama

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    mmc and d&c at 8.5 weeks - 8/23/2010
    natural m/c and d&c at 10 weeks - 1/24/2014
    DX w/ hetero C677t and A1298C MTHFR - 3/4/2014

  • Central MA...all my life. 
  • Live just outside of Lansing, MI
    I married my sweetheart on 7-7-07 DS - 3/21/2003 DD - 5/8/2009 Due - 10/20/12 with TWINS! Lilypie Next Birthday Ticker Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker Lilypie Pregnancy tickers
  • Born & raised in AZ - living in Mesa/Phoenix
    Pg#1: BFP 9/18/08; missed m/c D&E 10/22/08
    1/29/09 dx with PCOS
    Pg#2: BFP 1/21/10 * Clomid 50mg * Born 9/18/10
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  • Born and raised in Galveston, Texas.

    Now live about 15 mins away in League City,Tx

  • No Chicago moms-to-be like me???  :( 


    So sad I'm by myself!!!! 

  • Euless, TX (Dallas-Fort Worth area)
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  • L.A., CA
    Photobucket Sydney Elise 5/9/09 Kate Reese 8/2/11
  • Originally from Northern CA, live in San Diego.

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  • From San Diego, live in Orange County, CA
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  • Born in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

    Live in Thousand Oaks, CA
    I'm so happy there are other Ventura county moms here! THats awesome!
  • Born in San Diego.  Live in Wyoming.
    Natalie 7.27.07/Lukas 5.29.09/Noah 3.4.11/Brooke 7.31.12 Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • I went to college in Utah but I am from Maine and am back here now....
  • Seattle, WA

    Nobody else from the Pacific NW??!!
  • Born in Southern California

    Now in Nashua, NH

  • Grew up in southern Michigan - Now I live in RI
  • Late to the party as always :O) Washington State here
  • Grew up in Germany; Minot, ND; and Wichita Falls, TX. But, I live in Georgia now, DH is in the Army.
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  • Houston, TX
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  • Grew up on Long Island NY, Went to college in Providence RI, and I now live in Myrlte Beach SC!
  • Born in Shreveport, LA but now I'm a native to Tulsa, OK!
  • Snap dragon, I'm totally creeped out! I grew up in NEPA (tunkhannock), we were married the same day 7-8-06 and I live in Frederick MD!  Plus we are due 8 days apart!  How strange is that!
  • I live in Lenexa, KS - a suburb of Kansas City.
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  • Mass also born and raised!
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  • Milwaukee area, Wisconsin. Been here all my life.
  • Grew up in Wisconsin - living in Orange County, CA for 8 years now.
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