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Anyone else alone on Christmas?

I know this is a common theme surrounding the military, but I just wanted to hear that I'm not alone in being a lone (lol). These pregnancy hormones are hitting hard and I can't seem to get over it this time around. I know it's not that bad, but it's Christmas...

Re: Anyone else alone on Christmas?

  • Not this year but last year DH deployed right before Christmas. He missed DS's first Christmas and birthday. It sucks but hang in there. 
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  • Your not husband is deployed, he left 10 before thanksgiving... Im having a hard time too...this is our first pregnancy, first deployment, first christmas as a married couple... Hang in there, it will get less difficult when there aren't all sorts of warm fuzzy family holidays around every corner. Im glad to know Im not the only one fighting off the blues.
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  • Well DH isn't here, but I don't consider myself alone either.  The kids are making this a pretty good holiday season so far, and my parents are coming up for Christmas, so we'll still have a good time. 

    He was also deployed the Christmas 2 years ago when I was pregnant with them.  That year was hard because I was going through complication after complication, had been on bedrest for a while by that point, and was just overall miserable both physically and emotionally.  I was not a pleasant person to be around that Christmas. 

  • DH is deployed, but between the kids and members of my extended family inviting themselves down for the holidays I'm definitely not alone.  OP, do you have any friends in your area?  I'm sure someone will invite you to their holiday celebration if they know that you're by yourself.
  • He isn't deployed but he has to work Christmas eve and Christmas all day.  It will be just the kids and I until about 8 pm.  We will wake the kids up early so we can open gifts as a family, even if it is at 6 am for only an hour.
  • This will be my second Christmas alone in 3 years as well as another wedding anniversary missed (missed 3 and 5 year.) It is just part of being a military wife. 
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  • Alone for Christmas and the whole pregnancy! lol But I can't really complain because I have family around and my DD to keep me busy. And between deployments and schools, I'm just really used to us spending most holidays apart. Makes you appreciate that much more the regular days and holidays you do get together : )
  • imagerunnergirl2008:
    Not this year but last year DH deployed right before Christmas. He missed DS's first Christmas and birthday. It sucks but hang in there. 

    Yep, same with us... DH was deployed last year and missed DD's first Christmas and birthday. To the OP, find strength in knowing that you are so not alone in this. Many of us have been there. Talk to other military mamas at your base who can sympathize when you feel lonely - or when in doubt, come here, we're always all ears! Smile

  • My H left right after Thanksgiving, and he's missed the last two Christmases with me because he was out of town visiting his family (this is before we were married).  He'll also miss my bday for the 3rd time (dec 31), so I'm right there with you OP!  Plus I know virtually NO ONE so it feels extra lonely.  All you can do is find ways to distract yourself.Crying
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  • Im lurking and DH is not in the military but he is a police officer.  This will be my 3rd x-mas in a row alone.  Family is all out of state so its just me and the kiddies.  DH works everyholiday and usually pulls OT bc its great $$ . 

    Last year was hard bc he had a death threat on x-mas eve and the guy said he was going to kill me and the babies on xmas.  We didnt tell family bc we didnt want them to worry and the LOs were too young for me to ship out of state alone.  So xmas was spent with the alarm set blinds drawn and two screaming babies.  nooo fun! Im praying this year will be better!

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