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DH and I must be sooo immature

We had couples breastfeeding class today, and during one of the videos on pumping, we both died laughing at a scene where a woman was manually expressing...into a glass pyrex measuring cup.  It was so absurd looking- like some sort of fetish porn, we couldn't help it!  We laughed during our hospital tour at the beginning of the month too.  And took pictures posing with the CPR class baby dummies.  We're both 36, you'd think we could act like mature adults... ???  lol

Re: DH and I must be sooo immature

  • Hahaha, too funny!  When I was at my breast feeding class, I was thinking the same thing!!

    At least you and DH can still have fun!  Most people grow up so fast and lose their sense of humor along the way.  Stick out tongue

  • I love it!!!   DH and I sit in the back and whisper snarky comments at all of our classes.    There is so much gross and absurd stuff associated with pregnancy and having a baby it would be a shame not to make light of it!


  • This has nothing to do with me, but my mom and dad got kicked out of their child birthing class because they wouldn't stop laughing at the video that they were showing about hemorrhoids and that was back in the 80's.
  • Love it!
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  • You know what - you just gotta laugh and lighten the load with this stuff! I totally agree!!

  • Laugh at everything possible. Humor is awesome. We got the side-eye when I couldn't stop laughing at the poop pictures ('what a dirty diaper should look like'). What's worse is I teach 10 year olds, and half the stuff they do and say I really think is funny...
  • A sense of humor is good! During our childbirth class they kept making us get into awkward positions that my pregnant body just couldn't do. I just kept hissing, "hate!" every time the chipper teacher said, "Ok, try another one!"

    And honestly, after two days of classes I used exactly one position during early labor/transition. Sitting on the ball leaning forward. I was hooked up to an IV so I didn't have many choices, and really, who wants to do labor yoga anyway? During actual pushing, I did squat and stuff but the nurses told me how.

    Now that Lyla is here we are still laughing like teenagers. I don't know if it's normal to laugh at your baby but babies are funny! They snort, and make weird faces.

    Keep laughing, ladies! As Jimmy says, "If we couldn't laugh we would all go insane!"

  • LOL my DH and I laughed too!  Our video showed a woman manually expressing on a plastic spoon!  We both laughed and I had a laugh attack during Lamaze when I was supposed to be being super serious and relaxed.
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