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I am contemplating starting the Couch to 5K program when I get back from my vacation.

Has anyone done this? If so, did you use an app for your iPhone/iPod that you would recommend?


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  • I did this program in March, and LOVED it! I had never ran before ever, and it was very do-able. I ran my first 5k in May before getting pregnant that month! I was so sick and had horrible migraines for the first 18 weeks of pregnancy so I stopped running, but I plan on starting back and following the c25k again as soon as I'm able to after having our baby.
    I would recommend it to everyone!
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  • I absolutely love this program! I finished it a few months ago but sometimes on my runs I'll do various levels just to keep it interesting. 

    I downloaded the Couch to 5K app on my iphone and love it. I run that app along with my Nike GPS to tell me my speed/milage.

    Try it- you definitely wont regret it! 

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  • Thanks! I am getting excited to try it. Just need a new pair of running shoes, and I will be set.
  • I used this plan 2 years ago when I wanted to start running.  It was awesome.  I've since ran several 5k's and a few half marathons.  As soon as the doctor clears me to start running again, I'm going to use it to get back in shape.  Not sure about the iphone app.  Good luck!
  • I swear by this program and would recommend it to anyone!  I used the app for my iphone and the cues were wonderful.  I've never been a runner before and finished my first half in October.  Go for it, and GL!!

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