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Please avoid this bad doctor!

Just a word of warning if any hudson valley moms-to-be are looking for an OB. I had a terrible experience with Dr Ronald Dinsmore. It was so bad that I feel the need to get the message out there so other women don't have to go through what I went through.

I was new to the area and newly pregnant and found Dr Dinsmore by searching doctor review sites online. I know now that those sites are totally unreliable so please don't use them. 

He was my doctor for the first half of my pregnancy and made me so unnecessarily stressed and anxious about the health of my baby. I think it was so he could order test after test even though my pregnancy had no complications. I dreaded the office visits because I never knew what to expect and when I left I still had no idea what was happening. He would always ask "any questions?" But how could I have any questions when he did not explain anything to me?! It was so emotionally stressful that I was wishing that I never had gotten pregnant.

I had this feeling that the office was more concerned with bringing in revenue than caring for patients. I left this doctor and let it go that we had different approaches to pregnancy and that some women probably really liked his style. Now, months later, they keep sending me bills and the bills keep getting bigger. I have to deal with protracted phone calls to my insurance company to straighten it out.  I honestly do believe that they view patients as a revenue stream and are extremely motivated to make as money as possible from them. I bet if I stayed with this doctor I would have ended up with a C-section so he could maximize his profits from my childbirth.

Everyone tells you how pregnancy is supposed to be this magical time in your life and for me it hasn't been and a large part of that is due to this doctor.

Re: Please avoid this bad doctor!

  • Wow I'm so sorry that you had this experience.  Dr. Dinsmore is my doctor as well, but I've not gotten this feel from him.  You're right, he does ask all the time "any questions"...but if you have questions...even if that meant saying..."ok..what the heck are you talking about" just have to ask...for your own peace of mind.  One thing that I will mention though is that you say that you got the feeling if you stayed with him you might have ended up having a C-Section...I have had C-Section before (2)...but I've also had vaginal delivery afterwards.  I made it CLEAR to him that I would NOT be having a C-Section this time...unless there was some kind of medical emergency or something...I think he got it.  

    As for the tests...He was the exact opposite with me about the tests...I insisted...I was going through this whole "something bad is going to happen phase" because I had just suffered the loss of my oldest son.  He was trying to tell me that I didn't need them...I got them anyway, and finally I was able to relax...He has always been really good about calling me back when I have questions, or even coming directly to the phone when I call.

    Whatever the case, I hope that you have been able to find some peace in your pregnancy, please be strong and remember that this is your pregnancy and you set the tone, ask as many questions as you need as many times as you need...and if you don't want to do let them know...tell them NO. 


  • From your post, I don't see why/how you ended up with such a horrid opinion of your doc. I have never heard of him, so I have no dog in this fight, but from what you wrote, I don't see what he did wrong.

    You didn't like your visits-- not knowing what to expect, or what to say when he asked if you had questions...? It's your job as a patient, and especially as a mom-to-be, to make sure you understand what's going on. If the doc doesn't OFFER the information, you ASK.

    If you want to know what to expect next time, ask the nurse or the doc what your next appointment will bring. If you want a better general understanding, ASK. Why are you ordering all these tests? Are they routine? Do you see something wrong that makes you want to investigate further

    As for the insurance, again, it's your job as a patient to understand your benefits, and whether your providers are participating, and what your costs will be. If the office messes up, then deal with it. And as for predicting a c-section--- that's based on what? So weird....

    Honestly, it's bizarre that you're blaming a doctor (with nothing in your post to explaining why) for wishing you had never gotten pregnant.

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  • Dr. Dinsmore is my OBGYN and this is my 2nd baby with him. I am really surprised by your comments and they don't seem true. My first pregnancy was a c section by Dr. H at hudson valley hospital. Now, that office was all about revenue and I did feel that my c section was done out of convenience. Dr. Dinsmore actually assisted in my c section at that time. He was the one to actually explain the procedure and how I would feel after and managed to check on me the day after and HE WASNT EVEN MY DOC!! The sad thing was that my own doc didnt see me once after the surgery and I was seen by her midwife. So, I switched to Dr. D.

    For second pregnancy, he encouraged me to try and have a vaginal birth but I just wanted to schedule a c section and now I'm pregnant again. I cannot see how any of your complaints are true, and in fact, I have several friends who use him as well who have no issues what so ever. He is very comprehensive and encourages his patients to ask questions--that is what it is about!!!! He is very down to earth and makes me, my husband and my whole family who use him very comfortable. We all know that insurances can be a pain and certain things are not covered, but I think that is expected.  One of my friends uses him and her husband lost his job and benefits. She was stressed that she could not see him anymore, but he took care of her for the rest of the pregnancy and did her sons circumcision for FREE!!!!!.  So, I think you have some personal issues of your own, especially to say that you wish you were never pregnant!!!! Quite frankly, you may benefit from therapy for yourself for such a comment!!!!!! Your post seems to motivated by a bad insurance plan and perhaps ignorance. Sorry to be so harsh, but your comments do not fit my doctor and he is the only one in his practice.

  • "handclap" Jaclyn...I was trying my best not to "get on her" about it...but ...I don't be having any of these problems outta Dr. Dinsmore...  I like his office...(not a clinic) I like that he calls me back every time I have questions.... he even started seeing me really really early in the pregnancy...because I was having some hard emotional issues (my oldest son had just been killed)....he saw me EVERY two weeks...just to make sure I was ok.  

    this poster sounds like she has no VOICE...and if that's the case...she CAN'T blame Dr. Dinsmore for THAT... 

  • this sounds like a clear case of defamation of character for this doctor...should not be tolerated.
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