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happy birthday to my little one!

in the final hours of her birthday (though she has been fast asleep since 6!) i cant help but sit with my memories of last year! i cant believe how fast it went! happy birthday baby girl!
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Re: happy birthday to my little one!

  • happy birthday LO! and the time only seems to be going faster.  I hope she had a great birthday. 
  • Happy Birthday to her! I hope you guys enjoyed her big day!

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  • happy belated birthday to her! I swear the year between 1 and 2 goes even faster cuz they are constantly on the go!! Have a blast with her!
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  • Happy Birthday to her!

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  • Happy Belated Birthday!  Hope you guys had a great day!
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  • Happy Belated Birthday!  I hope your LO had a super fun one :)
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