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Daycares in southern NH

Hello. My husband and I are starting the daycare seach in the Nashua NH area. We are quite new to the area and do not know a lot of people here. Therefore, we dont have many people to talk to about daycare for infants. Does anyone have any recommendations?? Also, has anyone had any experience at the World Schools in Nashua?

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  • Bright Horizons has a center in Nashua.  They are a national corporation so there is lots of information about them.  They are in the Office Park off of tara boulevard.  I would recommend calling them.  My LO attended the one in Bedford until my DH was going multiple days without seeing her so  now she is home with him until he goes to work in the evenings.


    Sorry I do not know much about the world schools either.

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  • We used to live in NH, now live in CT and have our daughter in a Bright Horizons. We may be moving back to NH, so I've been looking at the Bright Horizons there. I honestly would have a hard time NOT doing Bright Horizons now that we're in one! They are amazing. The teachers are friendly, warm, professional, and very attentive and caring. They get excited about her little developments, and she is super happy in their care. It's much easier to drop her off feeling confident that she is not only safe and happy, but that she is learning new skills rapidly because of all the stimulation she gets there. The centers are very organized with a focus on safety and structure. It's a bit spendy (especially for the infants), but we totally think it's worth it. It's amazing how much she is learning every day by interacting with other infants, people, and all of the toys they have available there. Our center also has a "Movement Room" with a ball pit, etc. It's like walking into a university for children! They've also been very supportive of breastfeeding, and if she's not feeling well they have a lactation room I can come and nurse LO in. They also encourage parents to drop in or call and check on their kids, and we're invited to participate in games and activities with the kids. It's an awesome place. Most of the caretakers have been there for over 5 years and it's listed as a Forbes Top 100 Places to Work. So you know that their staff members are happy and usually have some longevity, whichever location you are at.
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  • Bright Horizons sounds great.  Nashua is too far for me, but I'm going to see where else they have them in NH...

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