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It has been 10 days and no BM (TMI?)

I actually got sent home from work today b/c I was bent over with gas pains. It has been 10 days and nothing I do has helped. One of the docs at work gave me a script for Lactulose and said to keep up with the colace and drinking lots of fluids. I stopped and got a coffee on the way home too, I haven't had any since I got pregnant, but it always worked in the past, so here is hoping!!

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Re: It has been 10 days and no BM (TMI?)

  • I would call your doctor. Poop is a toxin to your system.

    I had surgery when I was 19 and I couldn't for 7 days. My doctor told me that if I didn't go by the next day, he would put me back in the hospital.

    Good Luck Poopin!!!

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  • This is what helps me!

    Eating many fruits/veggies (broccoli especially).  Drinking LOTS of water.  Normally by lunch time, I have already drank a route 44 water from Sonic plus some...  And yogurt! 

    Apple juice helps babies, so you might try this as well as eating some prunes!!!  I hope it gets better for you.  When you do finally poop, it will probably be massive!!!  Hahahahaha.... Good luck, girl!!

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  • 10 days??  Have you talked to your OB about this?

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  • I'm not sure how many colace you're taking a day, but I think the bottle says you can take up to 3. Between that and walking on the treadmill finally did the trick for me. I really hope you have some luck today!
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  • imageiris427:
    10 days??  Have you talked to your OB about this?

    Yes, I have always had issues with being "regular" and he has told me to take colace and fibre and drink lots of water. I have been doing all that, plus eating activia and it helped. But the last week and a half nothing has worked. I work at a hospital and I stopped in the ER on my way home today and the Dr there told me to try the lactulose, I am also sending DH out for some prune juice.

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  • Do you exercise when you have that much fiber? That was the only thing that got it moving for me-- otherwise it would get blocked up worse. Like 30 min of walking got things moving for me.

    Also, is there anything you normally avoid eating because of an intolerance (like lactose intolerance)?? That's what worked for me this week- I hate a HUGE bowl of ice cream and a glass of chocolate milk. Within a couple hours, the stomach cramps turned into BM cramps. It was slightly unpleasant, but TOTALLY worth it. It cleared me out. 


    Good luck!!!!

  • That sounds pretty serious. I would make sure you get that under control and soon! 

    Are you taking any fiber on a daily basis? 

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  • 10 days is way too long.  I would try the prune juice then if that does not work call your OB.  Good luck!  Hope everything works itself out alright. 
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  • OMG that's awful! I'm not regular at all (PG or not) and would be dying after 3-5 days. Have you tried any Miralax? Going for a walk? I hope you get things moving ASAP!!
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  • I suffer when I don't poop EVERY day, so I couldn't imagine going a week and a half...

    That being said, lately I've found that adding ground flax seed to my food helps move things along promptly by the next morning. :) Coffee usually does the trick for me, too.

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  • try raisin bran. seriously it has worked for me... hot water with lemon (this totally works)  also try miralax. good luck pooping... trust me at one point or another everyone here knows what you are going thru!


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  • Get into a habit of eating 2-3 of those sweet prunes a day, totally works :)
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  • Oh ya, half a bag of sugar free jelly beans cleaned me out one time also. Just not sure if sugarfree is safe  during pregnancy.
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  • I never had a problem until I became pregnant. Now its usually every other day or every three days. I can't even imagine the pain you are going through right now. I fear for you when you do get to go poo. I wouldn't be surprised if you see blood from the pain. I'm so sorry! I hope all those things work really well for you.

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  • I'm probably the only one who isn't shocked by the number of days it's been for you. In fact, I'm glad I'm not the only one who has experienced this. (Not that I think either of us should have to suffer like that). Anyway, I too, have always had trouble going - Throughout my entire life. Now being pregnant and on Zofran, it's become even more difficult than before. I have never, ever been so miserable. I had to go home the day before Thanksgiving because of the cramping pain of how long it had been since my last one. When I was finally able to go that afternoon, I almost threw up during the process because it was so incredibly painful. (TMI, I know).

    My doctor allows milk of magnesia, which has been a godsend for the days that I cannot go naturally. I also put in some Metamucil "Clear and Easy" (tasteless, odorless) in any flavored drinks or liquid type meals that I eat. I use it daily, which really helps me out. Can you ask your doctor if they would allow something like that? I can't stress enough how drinking water helps keep your BM's soft. That will ease the process and pain so much!

    I'm so sorry. I know exactly what you're going through. I hope the prune juice and Lactulose work for you! Once you figure out a process, it should be much easier for you.

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