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Questions to ask at postpartum appointment

I had a 60 hour labor natural labor turned c-section a month ago and have my postpartum appointment at the end of next week.  I am hoping to vbac down the road when we have our next child (several years from now).  Are there any questions in particular that I should ask my midwife now?  Were there any questions that you vbac ladies asked (or wished you had) after your c-section?  In our birth plan we included a section on cesareans and had requested a low transverse incision and double layer stitching.  Should I take my midwife's word that these requests were fulfilled or should I request a report?  Thanks! 

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Re: Questions to ask at postpartum appointment

  • I would ask the midwife to talk to you about what happened that made a c/s necessary (even if you already know, hearing her perspective could be helpful).  I would ask if you would safely be able to have a VBAC in a future pregnancy--so ask about what incision type you had and about the suturing, since that is a concern of yours.  And ask whether anything can be done to avoid having the same complications arise in your next labor that happened this time.

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  • Make sure you have an operative notes in your record, so if you change providers they have proof of your type of incision. I luckily asked at my 6-week check-up, and it was discovered that the OB had never written one - the MW made sure he wrote the notes so I had it when I asked for my records.


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  • In addition to PPers, I would also ask about your dr's policies on vbacs. How long past 40 weeks will they let you go and how do they feel about inducing, and what methods would they use, for a VBAC? I discovered soon after my csection that my OB was not VBAC friendly and went ahead with finding a more VBAC friendly provider, even though I'm not TTC yet.

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  • Ask as many questions as possible -- at my pp appt. we didn't talk at all about the c-section or my future VBAC plans and that is still killing me because I feel like I had no closure.  Ask, ask, ask -- I learned from my mistake!
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