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Just found out

my chiropractor is certified in the Webster (getting baby to go head down) technique. I am so excited! DD is head down right now, but of course you never know. I am so glad to know that if she turns, we can do something about it! Also glad I wouldn't have to spend time/effort looking for one who was certified.

Anyways, of course I pray not to need that, but just in case. I will be not pleased if I have to have a repeat section because of that reason!

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Re: Just found out

  • Yay!  Mine is too, in fact she asked me at my appointment yesterday if baby was still head down to see if she needed to look into it.  Luckily I haven't needed it, and I hope you don't either!
  • Yes  I switched chiros this pregnancy so I could have one with the Webster techniques.  Turned out that not only was she more affordable, but I generally like her better anyway!  Nice that you didn't need to switch, though! :D
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