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spironolactone and gp

ive been on this medicine for a year, and want to stop soon to start TTC. i worried because it can cause birth defects. my dr said to be off it for 2 months before TTC. has anyone taken this medicine before and got pregnant? or know someone? what happend?
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Re: spironolactone and gp

  • I took it for 6 months. I stopped taking it at the beginning of July and conceived at the beginning of September. I miscarried early on, but it was not in the least related to the medication.

    When I asked my doctor about stopping it, she advised to stop taking it gradually (lowering your dosage slowly) rather than stopping altogether.  I don't recall the exact reason, but do know the medication can affect your blood pressure and think it had to do with that.  She said once I was off of it, I could TTC that cycle because it does not stay in your system for very long (being that it's a diuretic).

    I would talk to your doctor to see what he/she recommends for you personally. GL!

  • I was on this for about 4 months. I stopped taking it the beginning of May (my doc said 1 month) because we were going to start TTC in June until DH lost his job. I just stayed off it to be safe. I also was on Accutane for a year which is horrible for TTC and all the birth defects (my doc said 3 months for this) and I stopped taking it in March.

     We just started TTC in October so we haven't had any luck yet, but I don't relate that to the medicine.



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  • I took it for 9 months & came off it in September.  My derm said 6 months but I read 2-3 months & another doc friend of mine 2nd that.  I think teh derm was being ultra-conservative.  Drug has a very short half-life so it is out of your system very quickly.
  • I've been on spironolactone for about 8 years for acne.  I've never become pregnant while on it, but when I told my doc I was TTC, she said I don't need to stop taking it until I get a BFP.  She told me that in fact the spiro might help me get pregnant because of it's anti-androgen effects.

    I asked my pharmacist whether or not I need to gradually decrease the dosage, rather than stop it altogether, and she said there's no reason, unless you're on it for blood pressure.

    Everything I've read about spiro and pregnancy says to stop taking it prior to conception (if TCC) or as soon as you find out you're pregnant.  All of the literature says it "may" cause birth defects in male fetuses, but actually cases have not been reported.  As always, it's a good idea to follow your doctor's instructions, or if you're very concerned about birth defects, stop taking it as early as you feel comfortable.

  • I took spironolactone for a year and a half for acne. I didn't have bad acne, but got married during the time and wanted to have a really clear face. I also took the pill and had exact cycles. I quit taking both in July and didn't have a period until the middle of October, and that was only because I took Provera to induce it. I had to do that again this month. I am going to check with my doctor about taking it up until you get pregnant, because that does help regulate your cycles. I am just wanting to be regular again!!
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