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What an emotional morning....

I woke up in the middle of the night to pee and noticed some light pink bleeding.  I was worried, but trying not to stress to much at 2am, and went back to bed.  When I woke up this morning it was worse.  Red.  Not gushing out or anything, but enough to terrify me.  Called the doctor and they had me come in right away.  I couldn't stop crying, and my fiance was at work so he wasn't with me. 

At the doctor, they checked everything and thank goodness, everything looks great.  Not sure what caused the minor bleeding, they want me to take it easy for a few days (not that I dont take it easy in the first place), but the heartbeat was great, my cervix was nice and closed and they gave me an ultrasound and the baby and my placenta look fabulous.

Because I got this random ultrasound, I actually was able to find out the sex.  Given how terrified I was just about the health and wellbeing, it actually ended up being way less of a big deal than I thought it would be.  I have been wanting and thinking and hoping for a boy, but...

 ITS 100% GIRL!!!!  The context of the situation made me not care at all.  Not even a bit disappointed, maybe a wee bit surprised, but definately not disappointed.  Im just so happy shes okay.  And daddy couldnt be happier either, he wanted a girl sooooo bad.

Re: What an emotional morning....

  • Glad everything is ok and congrats on another May girl!
  • Glad all is well and congratulations of a healthy baby girl!
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  • Glad everything is okay!  Congrats on finding out it is a girl! 
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  • I'm glad you're ok. Bleeding is never easy to stay calm about. I hope it stops and congrats on the baby girl
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  • Glad everything looked good, and congrats on your girl!  I've had spotting on and off the entire pregnancy, and it is scary every single time.  Just put your feet up and take it easy for a few days.

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  • Glad to hear everything looks ok.  Congrats on Team Pink!
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  • I'd be drained after a morning like that. Rest up today, mama. Sounds like everything is ok.  But what a scare!  *Hugs*

    ETA: And congratulations on finding out it's a little girl!

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  • I am glad all turned out well!
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  • I'm so happy that everything is ok.  Take your doctor's orders and put your feet up.  And congrats on the girl.  I thought I wanted a boy but after visiting with my friend's new baby girl, I could care less!
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  • Glad to hear everything is okay! And congrats on your precious baby girl!
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  • Glad everything is looking good. Congrats on the girl.
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